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Board of Directors

Newhaven College is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board, in consultation with the Principal, is responsible for ensuring the school operates in a financially and strategically prudent manner.

Board representatives are elected by the Company. Parents may seek to become a member of the Company by submitting an application form that is available from our Business ManagerCompany membership provides members with the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting, vote on Company business and nominate for election to the Board of Directors.

Persons wishing to nominate to join the Board of Directors must be a shareholder of Newhaven College Cooperative. To purchase a $10 share, please contact our Business Manager.

To nominate, please complete the Board Nomination Form below and return it to Newhaven College, or by email to Chantal Pittorino. For assistance with having the form signed by the Directors, please contact our Principal, Gea Lovell.

Annual Report - 2018
Board Nomination Form
Board Governance Charter
Newhaven College Cooperative Model Rules