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Our History

1976 - In October 1976, Peter Reith, initiated discussions for a secondary College to be built on Phillip Island. Reverend John Leaver also saw the possibility for the establishment of a school which upheld Christian values to be built at Newhaven on Phillip Island. He was invited to discuss the concept with a group of interested persons, who then formed a committee and laid plans for a school.

1977 - A public meeting, chaired by Mr W.G. Papworth, was held with in April with approximately 350 people attending. The Plans and Articles of Foundation were adopted, and a steering committee was elected.

1979 - The Mission of St James and St John agreed to sell four and a half acres of land, adjacent to its St. Paul’s Discovery Centre, now more commonly known as the Boys Home Road Campus. At the same time, the Education Department agreed to give the Co-operative two portable classrooms. Plans were made for the erection of an administration building and in August 1979, advertisements were placed in the major daily papers for a Founding Principal. In due course, Mr Frank Moore was appointed.

1980 - Foundation Principal, Mr Frank Moore, commenced. Construction of the administration building and site works were completed and Newhaven College opened its doors to 51 Year 7 and 8 students on Tuesday 5 February 1980.

1989 - This year saw the completion of the Year 11 and Year 12 complex, and the commencement of a new laboratory and two classrooms.

1990 - New Principal, Mr David O’Regan, commenced.  The purchase of “The Pines” led to the re-activation of the Building Fund to help meet the cost of purchasing the land and the new classrooms that were eventually built on this extension to the campus.

1991 - Dr Ken Morris completed the school history book, “Our School by the Sea 1976 – 1988”.  The book was launched at a reunion dinner in November.

1993 - The house on Boys Home Road was sold and the two blocks nearest the sea on “The Pines” were rezoned and sold. The first flagpole of the Building Fund was raised, complete with all names of the people, families or businesses who donated $100 or more.

1996 - The Dr Colin Bassett Memorial Building was constructed, along with the expansion of the computer and technology facilities.

1998 - New Principal, Mr Michael Brewin, commenced.

1999 - The Primary School opened at the Boys Home Road site with the introduction of a composite class of twenty-five Year 5 and Year 6 students.

2000 - The student population reached 400 with 40 full and part time teachers as well as a Business Manager and five administrative staff. Other building works included the completion of the new Computer Centre, Primary School classrooms and the extension of the library. Newhaven participated for the first time in Zone A of the Gippsland Independent Schools (GIS) Sports Association and three Newhaven teams emerged as GIS champions in their particular sports – Senior Boys Tennis, Junior Boys Cricket and Junior Girls Soccer.

2001 - The Auditorium was officially opened on Foundation Day by the reverend John Leaver AO, Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools.  The College purchased additional land which included a block adjacent to the primary school in Malcliff Road. This allowed the extension of the playing area for the younger students. In Term 1 the school purchased 20 acres of land about five minutes from the school on the south side of Phillip Island Road. 

2002 - Year 3 and 4 students commenced at the College. Work commenced on the new Technology Centre and The Pines playing field.

2004 - The land bought in 2001 was seen as unsuitable and was sold so that 82 acres of land at what is now known as our Phillip Island Road Campus, could be purchased for future development.

2005 - The first building on the Phillip Island Road site was the Year 9 Environmental Centre which opened in July, with 108 students.

2006 - The oval was constructed and sown at Phillip Island Road and Stage One of the Pavilion commenced.

2008 - All classes from Prep to Year 6 were offered for the first time.

2009 - Work commenced on the construction of the Junior School at Phillip Island Road.

2010 - Newhaven College’s 30th Anniversary was celebrated with a reunion of early staff, past students and the first Principal. An Artist in Residence worked with the students to produce a large whimsical sculptured chair that was carved from local Cypress is a design to reflect the importance of learning, our House system and College values.  

2011 - New Principal, Mrs Gea Lovell, commenced. Prep – Year 6 students relocated from Boys Home Road to the newly built Junior School at Phillip Island Road.

2012 - The second story was built on the Pavilion at Phillip Island Road. The first multi purpose court was built at Phillip Island Road thanks to the wonderful support of donors who provided the funds. Newhaven College joined the newly formed South East Independent Schools Association (SEISA). Significant restructures occurred for the College leadership, curriculum leadership, and administration teams.

2013 - The three school sub-structure was established: Senior School Year 10 -12; Middle School Year 5 to 9; and Junior School Prep to Year 4.  
Two extra rooms were built in Junior School to allow for expansion.

2014 - Prep to Year 6 increased from one class at each year level to two. Year 5 to 8 students moved into the new purpose-built Middle School at Phillip Island Road at the start of the year. The Trades Skills Centre and Food Technology Centre at Phillip Island Road were completed at the end of the year.  A second multi purpose court was built at Phillip Island Road.

2015 - The first Trade Skills Centre classes commenced at Phillip Island Road. The Administration and Library wing at Phillip Island Road was completed and opened in July. Newhaven College gained Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accreditation. The Boys Home Road site was sold. A new Master Plan for Phillip Island Road was developed.

2016 - The College Master Plan was endorsed by the Bass Coast Shire Council.
Building works for the new Senior School and the Specialist Art, Science and Technology wing commenced.

2017 - The Specialist Wing and the Senior School were completed at the end of the year, along with extensive parking, internal roadwork's and the completion of our front entry. A huge salvage sale was held at the Boys Home Road Campus before all buildings on the site were demolished leaving a flat land site for the property developer.  
2018 - History was made as the school came together on one site.  Also of significance was that all the students in the first Prep class completed their Year 12 together.  The new double court Gymnasium was completed at the end of December of this year. 

2019 - The Gymnasium was handed over to the College, work on the new playing fields began and plans were commenced for the swimming pool. Boys Home Road Boulevard was created between the Senior School and the Specialist wing. A grant was received for the Performing Arts wing which will commence building works in 2020. Plans were also developed to establish our wetlands and to build the amphitheater which will be a central gathering space for all our students.

2020 - The open air Amphitheatre, natural turf soccer pitch, and synthetic tennis/hockey field were completed.  Building work commenced on the Performing Arts Wing. With the assistance of grants, work on our wetlands area commenced.  Work began on the outdoor Basketball/Netball Courts and Cricket nets. Finally, through the leadership of our staff and student environmental committee, our four-bin waste system and worm farms were introduced to assist with our goal to become a carbon neutral school. Principal Gea Lovell retired.

2021 - New Principal, Mr Tony Corr commenced. The outdoor Basketball/Netball Courts and Cricket nets were completed. The Year 9 Centre was refurbished. A long jump pit was installed. Year 9 and Year 3 students planted additional plants in the wetlands. The College became a co-member of Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI), a collective of local business working towards sustainable change and zero carbon emissions by 2030. 

2022 - Year 9 became part of Senior School. The Performing Arts Wing was completed, accommodating musicians and performers within the Rehearsal Studio, Black Box Theatre and many rehearsal and collaboration rooms.

Today - Forty three years after the idea of a new school became a reality, more than 900 students in Prep to Year 12 attend Newhaven College. Students engage in an incredible range of academic, creative and physical learning activities. They are encouraged to achieve their best through intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.