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Budding Bakers Winning Pies

Budding Bakers Winning Pies
Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Our students had their 'eyes on the pie's during our inaugural ‘Create a Pie’ competition. 
Roberta Smith, owner of the San Remo Bakehouse, challenged students to come up with a recipe for their dream pie, with the winning pies to be made and sold at the Bakehouse.

A winner from each sub-school was selected by Roberta and her bakers, as well as a Grand Master Pie Winner’. Grand Master Pie Winner – Ysabella Gloria, ‘Mexicana’, steak, kidney beans, tomato paste, capsicum, cheese and Mexican spices. Senior School Winner – Georgia Robinson, ‘Tofu Curry Pie’ (vegan), tofu, peas, cauliflower and spinach in a light curry sauce. Middle School Winner – Rory Fuery, ‘Drowned in Custard’, apples and raspberries drowned in vanilla custard, drizzled with Nutella and topped with a single Malteeser. Junior School Winner – Connor Russo-Sheean, ‘Superchoc by Connor’, a spread of Nutella on the base with blueberries and Malteesers swimming in a strawberry custard – one for the sweet tooths!
Roberta, along with Nikki Masterton from the Bakehouse who is also a past newhaven student, came out to our Food Technology Centre to help her budding bakers turn their written recipes into taste sensations. The students were then invited to the San Remo Bakehouse to launch the sale of their delicious designs on Saturday 5 November.
If they sound scrumptious, the best news is they taste even better and they are on sale now for the month of November.
Our Parents and Friends Association would like to thank Roberta and her team for running the competition and also for the recent Pie Drive fundraiser for the College.

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