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Performance Perfection from the Krokodiloes

Performance Perfection from the Krokodiloes
Monday, 25 July 2016

The Harvard Krokodiloes and Newhaven College Boys Vocal Group received standing ovations from audiences who were wowed by their performances on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July.
In the midst of their 18 country world tour, ‘The Kroks’ delighted an audience of all ages with a polished and professional a’ Capella performance featuring solo performances that showcased each individual’s stunning voice to perfection.
The evening’s programme featured songs from The American Songbook such as ‘House of  Blue Lights’ the Gershwin classic ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ and the jazz standard ‘Take Five’. The clever arrangements took the crowd on an emotional journey with upbeat barber-shop songs providing comical highlights and then subtle and soft melodies mesmerising the audience. It was an opportunity to sit back, be entertained and enjoy a truly amazing auditory experience from this group of gifted young men.
The Newhaven College Boys Vocal Group enjoyed front row seats at the performance before joining the Kroks on stage for their final three numbers. The boys talents matched those of The Kroks during their combined performance of the Vocal Group’s signature arrangement of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and ‘I still call Australia Home’ and The Kroks signature tune of ‘Loch Lomond’, then a combined rendition of ‘Run Away Sue’. The evening concluded with the Kroks paying tribute to their Australian hosts with no less than three encores as Director of Music, Kirk Skinner, jovially prevented his visitors from leaving the stage!
Earlier in the day The Kroks had conducted a workshop with the Boys Vocal Group. Kirk was proud to see his boys, “come of age as a performance entity. Watching them absorb the music form the Kroks in the sectional rehearsals and then teaching the Kroks ‘our’ song with such pride and absolute joy was one of the highlights of the whole day.”
The College pulled out all stops to share the beauty of the local environment with their guests, taking them to feed the animals at Maru Nature park and then on to Wonthaggi State coal Mine where they combined with the Boys Vocal Group to give a surprise underground performance of ‘Loch Lomond’, bringing a tear to the tour guides’ eyes. Finally, a quick trip to the Nobbies Interactive Antarctic display completed the local tour. A team of local ‘master chefs’ from the College’s Friends of Music and led by Lyn and John Ward took over the College’s Pavilion for the weekend to keep the singers and their entourage well fed and in fine form to perform.
In closing the show, Kirk Skinner highlighted the fact that only two of the Kroks studied music, how wonderful to have a craft that can take you on all expenses paid world tour through voice  which he describes as a challenging and inspiring opportunity to follow their passions and dreams and learn how to build this into a skill. “This is what I believe, is what sets Newhaven College apart from other educational institutions.” He went on to thank College Principal, Gea Lovell, for her “inspiration and continued leadership in wanting to ‘think out of the square’ for what we offer at Newhaven College.”
With the outstanding success of what is now an annual event on the Bass Coast Calendar, Newhaven College looks forward to the Kroks return on their annual World Tour in 2017.


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