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Student Cabinet Raises $10,700 for Bryn's School

Student Cabinet Raises $10,700 for Bryn's School
Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A long standing tradition at Newhaven is for our Year 12 students to select a charity to support each year. 

Janine Hendry founded Bryn’s School to honour the life of her son, Bryn, who took his life at age 16. Out of grief and despair, Janine decided to create something good and the Hendry family came together with a shared purpose to build a school because Janine believes that, “every mother wants her child to be educated, and have the opportunities it brings…in my own way I wanted all the mothers of the world, regardless of circumstance to be given the chance to be able to provide an education for their children.” Thirteen years and six schools later, Bryn’s School now educates over 1000 children each day.

College Captains, Jaz Hendry, Jade Dalton, Alex Swan and Duncan Hunt were the driving force behind the Trivia Night and they also took on the high pressure task of scoring. Jake Amy and Michael Coghlan were entertaining hosts with fellow Year 12 Cabinet members collecting answer sheets, selling tickets, organising the auction and running fundraising games. Teacher David Hynes conducted a good spirited and high energy auction of donated goods to boost the fundraising total.
After six rounds of brain teasers, music, and laughter ‘The Tuft Flushers’ team led by Misha Say won the night by just one point. Team ‘Wonderland’, earned a well-deserved win as the best dressed team. Each member of the team dressed as a character from Alice in Wonderland and went to a great amount of effort to put on a splendid Mad Hatter’s tea party.
Vice Principal, Jason Scott, praised our students for their outstanding effort. “The 2016 Year 12 Cabinet have surpassed their expectations and raised an impressive amount of money for Bryn’s School. The success of the evening was entirely due to their selfless giving of time and energy and the leadership skills they showed.
Young people have busy and complicated lives balancing their academic, sporting, part time employment and family commitments. However, they also recognise the unique position that they have to help other people who live in less fortunate and prosperous circumstances. They have dedicated their time and talents to plan and run this event and I know that they will be extremely proud when they present a cheque to Bryn’s School for the year’s total fundraising on October 7.”

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