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Arts Learning Festival

Arts Learning Festival
Tuesday, 14 March 2017

On Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st of March, Newhaven College will host the Independent Schools Arts Learning Festival, as it embarks on a regional tour across Victoria. 

The Arts Learning Festival is organised by Independent Schools Victoria, and celebrates the importance of art and creative thinking in education and sustainability. While the festival will run from Wednesday 3 May to Sunday 7 May, the regional tour forms one of the exciting lead up events, with Melbourne based organisation, Do it on the Roof, visiting schools to deliver a program of hands-on biodiversity and design activities.
Newhaven College is one of three regional hubs that will be hosting the program, with Cathedral College in Wangaratta and Good Shepherd College also hosting the event.
Each school will be visited by the ‘Sustainability Rover’, a mobile installation with solar panels, vertical and rooftop gardens, with students taking part in activities such as creating native bee hotels and re-designing their own sustainable class rooms.
“This is a very exciting opportunity for Newhaven College”, stated college Principal, Gea Lovell. “The festival activities will enhance our students’ environmental learning program and complement our own investigation of more green energy options for the college’s future developments."
Anne Smith, festival curator and Arts Education Program Manager at Independent Schools Victoria said the program devised by Do it on the Roof captured the essence of the festival, which has the theme of Unlimited Imagination. ‘We love the way the team combines aesthetics and sustainability in its approach, with really interesting and engaging workshops.’
Later in May, the festival will culminate in Melbourne, at Birrarung Marr, where Do it on the Roof will build an interactive green wall and waste installation including recycled bottles and plant cuttings collected from schools around the state. While Independent Schools Victoria is hosting the festival, it is inviting all schools from all sectors to come along and participate.
You can find out more about the festival, see the program and book for events at artslearningfestival.org.au

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