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Making History

Making History
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Our Principal, Gea Lovell, took great delight in welcoming students and staff to the first whole school assembly for 2018.

“I am really happy to be back at school this year and I hope you are too. Today we have made history, as it is the first day ever that all of our students from Prep to Year 12 are going to start the new year on one site. So congratulations to you all for making history.”

Bathed in morning sunshine, 44 tiny new preps sat alongside senior students and listened intently to Mrs Lovell who, famous for her inspirational and heart warming stories, did not disappoint, sharing five key messages for students to carry with them throughout the year.

1. “Be a HERO. If we take the letters of the word HERO, H stands for help, E is for everyone, R stands for respect and O means others. Put together it says, Help Everyone Respect Others.”
2. “Start building your strong foundations now…the start of a new year is a fresh start for everyone…set your goals now and work hard to achieve them so when the pressure is on you will be in control and more able to cope if you have built your foundations well.”
3. “Be involved in all that is on offer at the College. Make the most of the opportunities that are presented to you and think about how you can give back to our College, to the teachers and to support each other.”
4. “At all times represent our College with pride.”
5. “Each morning ask yourself this simple question that could change your life and how you live it and it could certainly change someone else’s life and how they live.”

“That question is, “how can I help?” When you see someone in need, offer genuine help with an open heart and spirit, choose to look after each other and to support each other.”

The assembly concluded with a unique celebration. Junior and Middle school students lined the path all the way to the new Senior Learning Centre and formed a guard of honour to welcome the senior students to their new home.

Year 10-12 students led by Mrs Lovell, Chair of the Board Greg Price and College Captains Tara Swan, Jasmine McJames-Court, Aaron Fraser and Oscar Harry were met with excitement, applause, high fives and hugs during the walk of honour. The high continued inside with huge smiles and endless “wows” from the senior students as they toured their state of the art new buildings.

The senior learning centre is a stylish, high-tech and functional learning environment with a fully equipped lecture theatre, specialist rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, a student support area, staff facilities and student common areas that was designed by Hayball architects and built by local firm DAS Constructions.

The Specialist Facility houses art, design, science and technology faculties and features five science labs, three art spaces, a textiles room, a dark room, a kiln, staff facilities and massive outdoor flexible teaching and seating areas.

The re-designed College entrance, two new car parks, new bus loop and new road to Year 9 performed well on the first day as parents familiarised themselves with the changes that have been made to accommodate the extra traffic that comes with having the whole school on one campus.

Not stopping to draw breath, Newhaven is forging ahead with our next significant building project. Construction of the new two court indoor stadium and gymnasium is already well underway with completion of that component scheduled for mid 2018 followed closely by outdoor soccer pitches, an all weather hockey pitch and multi sport courts.


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