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Philosophically Speaking

Philosophically Speaking
Friday, 31 August 2018

Building on the success of our popular Philosophy Club, we recently hosted students from St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School for our first ‘Philosothon’. 

A philosothon is a series of discussions about questions of importance. The purpose of a philosothon is not to find the weaknesses in the arguments of others, but rather to understand the strengths of another position and perhaps build on their argument or amend it to achieve a better result.
Students received some stimulus material beforehand to encourage them to see the breadth of the issues under discussion on topics such as:
Are human beings essentially different from other animals?
Is it right to create a donor baby?
Do people have a right to do with their body what they wish?
Do we have a right to be rescued?
Will machines ever become human?

Congratulations to Year 12 Newhaven student Sianan Price on winning the Best Speaker trophy for the senior discussion group.

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