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Cows Create Careers

Cows Create Careers
Monday, 26 August 2019

Our Year 9 students recently played host to two calves for three weeks as part of the ‘Cows Create Careers’ program. ‘Caramel’ and ‘Curly Wurly’ certainly enjoyed the attention they received during their stay at ‘Moohaven’.

Our students who elected to participate in the program undertook project work to learn about the Dairy Industry. They were responsible for the daily feeding and care of the animals and researched a range of vocational opportunities within the Dairy and Agriculture industries.

Sally Roberts, Lead - People at Dairy Australia said that the innovative project shines a light on the diversity of professional careers within Australia’s vibrant dairy industry. “Cows Create Careers allows students to learn about the different skills required for a career in the dairy industry in a fun and hands-on way," Ms Roberts said. “However the benefits of Cows Create Careers extends beyond the classroom. The project increases awareness of the dairy industry and builds strong connections with the local community – all while showcasing the wide-range of university, vocational and professional pathways within the industry."

Newhaven College wishes to thank Dairy Australia, the Strezlecki Lions Club and Adam Eldridge for their valuable support.

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