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Exciting Opportunities for our VCE Graduates

Exciting Opportunities for our VCE Graduates
Monday, 16 December 2019

The end of Year 12 is typically the end of 13 years of schooling for a number of students, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a move into tertiary education, as each student has their own pathway to follow. The VCE is only one step in student’s life journey. There are so many opportunities and pathways available to Year 12 graduates, including university, TAFE, traineeships and work. Our students are encouraged to remember that the ranking they receive is not the culmination of their education, but an opportunity to reassess or reconsider priorities, as they plan their next steps.  

We are extremely proud of our Year 12 students this year. Each student had their own goals, and whilst the release of the ATAR is significant for many, for others it was gaining an apprenticeship, work placement, TAFE entry or finalising their arrangements for their gap year. At Newhaven College, as an open entry school, we actively support individuals to strive for their best, in whatever direction their aspirations take them.  

Of course we are pleased to announce our VCE results for 2019, as the overall results reflect the excellent work and commitment shown by staff and students this year. We celebrate each student’s results, knowing that all had their own journey to travel, as behind every single result is a story.  We applaud the success of each child who completed their VCE, as they persevered with the support of our staff, to achieve their very best. I am very thankful to the many in our school community for the help they gave to those who required special support, so that they too could gain this significant milestone.  

We are of course, equally proud of our high achievers. Of note was our mean study score of 30.8 with 38 study scores of 40 plus, a significant increase from previous years. Our dux is Ella White with a study score of 98.75. Others scoring in the 90s are Martin Peters, Macy Lugt Cole, Alexander McMahon, James Mercer, Scout Greenhalgh and Verena Bastwrous.  

We also had a number of Year 11 students who undertook Year 12 studies, and we celebrate their great results with them. They are well on the way to gaining their VCE in 2020.  

It is significant that all of our students at Newhaven College gained their VCE certificate, and it is right that each student should be congratulated. While the academic statistical summary of the Class of 2019 is impressive, success and impact are measured rightly through a much wider lens. Our students achieved these excellent results whilst at the same time being fully involved in the life of the school, in their community and in charity events throughout the year. We are certainly very proud of our Class of 2019.  

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