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Shae's Young Endeavour

Shae's Young Endeavour
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Year 11 Shae White was chosen to join the Young Endeavour on a journey of a life time. From this opportunity came others such as speaking at Rotary and then last week being a guest speaker at the fundraiser luncheon for Alma Doepel. 

My journey on the Young Endeavour involved sailing along the coast from Sydney to Newcastle. This is a program that provides young Australians aged 16-23 with a unique, challenging experience aboard the national sail training ship, and is recognised internationally as a leading youth development program.

Throughout the voyage we were taught how to set, furl, and tack each sail. We took turns in making calls to reset these sails, and even more excitingly we got to climb up the 30 metre mast. As well as this, we anchored every few days and went ashore – visiting some beautiful locations such as Jervis Bay, Patonga, Honeymoon Bay and Port Stephens. While anchored, Captain Kenny would open the pool, allowing us to swing off the ship on the rope swing, and jump of the bow sprit.

Despite there being many challenges along the way, like the tiny sleeping quarters, the tiredness, and of course the seasickness, these 11 days were among the best 11 days of my life. I ventured outside my comfort zone, and made an amazing group of friends, and experienced things I would never have had the chance to experience otherwise.

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