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The Cat Who Mended a Family

The Cat Who Mended a Family
Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Local author Helen Brown (Helen Brown Author) recently visited Prep to Year 6 with her new book “Cleo and Rob”. The book, based on her New York Bestseller “Cleo”, is a story of hope and recovery after a family tragedy through the gift of a family cat.

As a young mother, Helen’s family encountered the death of her eldest son Sam; he was distracted and stepped out into traffic from behind a bus. The accident was witnessed by her youngest son Rob. In the days, weeks and years after the accident, Helen looked for ways to help Rob, seeking for resources that would help children who encountered loss or grief to understand what they were going through.

In her new 2010 York Bestseller “Cleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family”, Helen shared her pathway through shock, loss and grief which has now been translated into 14 languages. In "Cleo and Rob", Helen succinctly retells the story, with illustrations by Phoebe Morris. The messages in the book are clear and helpful, enabling families to have conversations about loss and recovery.

Our students had the opportunity to ask Helen and our Chaplain, Rev. Ian Turnnidge, questions about sadness, loss and cats! Helen has produced the book she needed at the time of her family’s tragedy and offers it to us all as a tool and pathway towards life again after loss. We thank Helen for sharing her story with us and for gifting a copy of "Cleo and Rob" to our library for all to enjoy.

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