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Tooradin Estate Equestrian Team Training Day

Tooradin Estate Equestrian Team Training Day
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Our young Equestrian Team riders from Junior, Middle and Senior School, along with some alumni, recently travelled to Tooradin Estate for a challenging day training in dressage and cross country.
Tooradin Estate is a premier venue for training in cross country as it provides many different challenging elements including banks, drops, ski ramps, ditches and a water complex. 
The young riders faced a number of challenges in guiding their horses through the various obstacles and everyone achieved their riding goals for the day.

For some it was their first experience on a big and open cross country course, so some well-timed and sensitive instruction provided the desired effect of boosting the confidence of both rider and horse.
The water combination proved challenging for some of the younger riders who had never before tackled such a complex element, and they were thrilled with themselves and their mounts when they were able to complete it.


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