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Year 8s Love 'Skylarking'

Year 8s Love 'Skylarking'
Monday, 9 September 2019

Our Year 8 students were excited to participate in workshops with Kate Mildenhall, the author of ‘Skylarking’, the text they have been studying as part of a comparative text unit in English classes.

Kate shared her inspiration for writing ‘Skylarking’, and the blending of fact and fiction in her approach to writing the novel. Kate also enabled all students in their own creative writing through a series of writing exercises. She spoke about how just like we warm up when engaging with physical sports, so too we need to warm up when writing.

Students took advantage of Kate being at the College for the day to ask her a range of questions about her intent with ‘Skylarking’, and also her experiences as a professional writer.
Kate revealed that she has a new book coming out in 2020 and many students will look forward to reading another Kate Mildenhall book next year.

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