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Cooking meals for those in need

Cooking meals for those in need
Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Newhaven College Year 10 Food Technology students and staff have been working in partnership with Reverend Ian Turnnidge and the Uniting Church in Cowes to help others in need.

Ian ('Rev') had been supplying the local community in need during Covid19 with meals prepared from the kitchen of the church, about 60-70 per week. Even with the easing of Covid19 restrictions, he found the need had not lessened.

Year 10 Food Technology teachers, Chris Appleby and Carmel Roberts wanted to help and coordinated excursions to the church with their classes. 

Happily, it has been a huge success, with students and staff learning skills such as time management, delegating and working as a team. Our community has benefited from some amazing meals, and we have all benefited from thinking about others' situations - we are truly 'All in this together'.

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