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Megan Thompson

Megan Thompson

Director of Studies

BA, GradDipEd(Sec)

Megan joined Newhaven College in 2016 as Head of English and in 2017 took on the broader role of Director of Curriculum. She is particularly concerned that our ongoing work on teaching and learning is meaningful, gratifying and effective, and that it is focused on measurable progress for all students. To this end, Megan will ensure that our work is based on sound educational theory developed from reputable research. 

Megan chose teaching because she considers it to be a particularly important and rewarding profession. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, followed by a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. She has worked in all education sectors during her career: Independent, Catholic and Government. Most recently, she was a Leading Teacher at Koo Wee Rup Secondary College responsible for improving literacy across the school as well as being Head of English. Before that, Megan was a senior English teacher at Brighton Grammar School.

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