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Strategic Direction - Hearts & Minds

Hearts & Minds Strategic Direction


I am pleased to present to all Newhaven families our strategic direction for Newhaven College. Entitled Hearts & Minds, it has been developed after many months of consultation and is intended to guide our school into the next phase of its journey.

Hearts & Minds intentionally has the student at its centre. It is designed with future students and graduates in mind and aims to provide the best possible environment for learning and growth. Hearts & Minds is built around five keys that are our priorities: Learning, Care, Community, Sustainability and Innovation. Together they will direct our future and enable each student to flourish.

Also included in this document is the College’s newly developed Vision and Mission statements.

Inspire young people with knowledge, empathy and curiosity to engage in their world with confidence and a sense of purpose.

To be a thriving learning community where young people are thoughtful, caring, and courageous. We strive to provide personalised learning experiences which stem from authentic relationships and a deep connection to our unique environment. In doing so we aim to instil high expectations, promote innovation and encourage critical thinking.

These Vision and Mission statements, along with our strategic direction, will serve to steer our school as we strive to become the best school of our kind. These important documents articulate the aspirations we hold for our students, staff and community, the ideals by which we operate, and the thinking that shapes our most important task – educating the next generation of Newhaven College students.

Hearts & Minds builds on our school’s proud values and traditions but is firmly focused on the future. Its objectives will direct our planning and decisions now and in the coming years. In collaboration with our community it provides an exciting blueprint for the future of Newhaven College.

In Quietness and Confidence Shall Be Your Strength

Tony Corr

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