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VESS Schools

The Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools (VESS) consists of a range of schools from Victoria. Whilst they each have unique attributes, they share the following common features: 

  • All schools serve communities in rural or outer suburban Victoria and suffer the impact of distance and infrastructure limitations to a greater degree than more urban schools
  • They all serve communities in which the proportion of students accessing higher education has been traditionally low
  • They have a strong sense of commitment to their respective communities and play a vital role as a community hub in education and related fields
  • They serve communities in which the impact of the economic and demographic changes affecting Australia are marked. This can vary from dealing with issues of low or stagnant population growth to, at the other extreme, dealing with rapidly growing under-serviced communities
  • They have a commitment to improving Learning and Teaching through collaboration with each other and outside organisations and professionals
  • They are committed to an open and inclusive liberal education
  • They have value systems which is informed by basic Christian values. They accept that individual schools in the group pursue and express these values in a unique way, drawing from a variety of traditions. They accept both their differences and similarities in these matters with a strong underlying Ecumenical commitment.

The support and collegiality grown from this system is of great benefit to all at the College. More information can be found on the VESS Website:

VESS Website