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Tara Storey

Tara Storey

Class of 2015

Since Year 8 Tara wanted to study food science at university. After graduating Newhaven College Tara moved to Melbourne and completed a degree with RMIT, learning about food chemistry, production, packaging, and sustainability.

Along the way, Tara realised the thing they enjoyed the most about their degree was the presenting, and volunteering she was doing helping high school students with STEM. So, she left the labs for outreach work, sharing their passion for science with others, and ended up at Healesville Sanctuary engaging visitors in conversations about our wildlife.

Tara loved working at Zoos Victoria, “it was incredible getting to know so many of our native animals and encourage the public to take sustainable actions on”. Since then, Tara has studied postgrad in Science Communication, worked at Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, RMIT University, and La Trobe University, and has found a career she is so enthusiastic about.

Currently Tara is the STEAM Communicator for the soon to be opened Science Gallery at the University of Melbourne. Part museum, gallery, and laboratory, they explore the collision of art and science with the guidance and input of a team of 15-25 year olds called Sci-Curious. Tara develops and delivers education programs for high school students that show just how creative, innovative, and exciting STEAM can be. Every day they get to play and explore the science and art of our world, “it's incredible and I'm so glad I get to share it with students”.

I have fond memories of my Science classes at Newhaven College with Mr Spence. He was someone who inspired the curiosity I have for STEM, and who's passion and care for our education made me feel like science was a path I could take.

Tara’s advice for current students is to do what interests you. And if your interests change, that's awesome. "I hope you never feel stuck on a path, please know we're all out here changing careers, opinions, styles, and passions all the time".

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