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Madeleine Stuchbery

Madeleine Stuchbery

Class of 2009

After graduating, Madeleine Stuchbery attended university at Deakin University and the University of Leicester, before obtaining my Bachelor of Arts, Journalism.

Madeleine is now a journalist at The Weekly Times newspaper. Currently undertaking a mentorship through the Melbourne Press Club. One highlight was being dispatched to Shanghai, Qingdao and Beijing in 2019 to report on environmental issues and trade for the newspaper.

Madeleine’s favourite memory of the College is the time she spent at the Year 9 Learning Centre. 

Her advice to current and future students is to: “Play to your strengths. You're better off studying subjects you're passionate about and good at, regardless of the points it will get you in exams, rather than forcing yourself to do subjects you don't care about just for the sake of a higher score. Be bold, confident in your abilities, creative and strong. Following your passion and skill set will see you succeed in the real world!”.

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