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Drama & Visual Arts


Our Junior School Drama program encourages students to explore real and imagined events through re-enactment. Students are encouraged from the beginning to develop their experiences, opinions, and ideas in the practical format, enhancing their dramatic skills in the process. Students experiment with developing dramatic form: staging, role, movement, story, and improvisation. Each session is designed to be enjoyable and confidence building. All students participate in the Junior School Biannual Production.

Visual Arts

Our Junior School Visual Arts program focuses on developing our student's general skills in the production and design of art and craft pieces. They work in a variety of mediums, including pencil, paint, collage, sculpture, construction, and ceramics. Students develop a folio of completed artworks, considering assorted presentation techniques. They engage in discussions on the design and construction of artwork, and the style and influences of previous periods of art. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Junior School Biannual Art Exhibition.