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Performing Arts

Newhaven College students develop confidence and resilience by presenting to, and performing in front of, their peers beginning in Prep. 

Each class takes turns to host our weekly assembly as well as presenting an informative item that involves public speaking, song, dance and acting to showcase their learning to an audience of their peers and families. 

We encourage children to experience the joy of Music by creating, making, presenting and responding to music using the Kodály Method. A child-developmental approach is used to sequence the introduction of new music skills in accordance with the capabilities of the child. New concepts are introduced beginning with what is easiest for the child and progressing to the more difficult.

Year 4 students learn violin to provide them with the opportunity to experience formal music lessons. They are each provided with their own instrument to care for and practice with during the year and there are opportunities for them to perform at school functions. 

Drama allows students to explore real and imagined events through re-enactment. Students are encouraged from the beginning to develop their experiences, opinions and ideas in the practical format, enhancing their dramatic skills in the process. A Musical Production is held every two years and every Junior School student has a part to play. 

In addition to the curriculum, an extensive program of private or shared Instrumental Music Lessons is offered for students wishing to learn a particular instrument. The lessons are conducted during school hours by our professional Music tutors.