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Enrichment & Support

Pastoral Care

Junior School teachers are responsible for the Pastoral Care of their students under the guidance of the Head of Junior School. Pastoral Care incorporates student welfare, management and discipline. Effective Pastoral Care depends on the mutual respect and trust that exists among all teachers and students. It is reflected in the way students conduct themselves and the care they have for one another. It is also dependent upon strong and healthy partnerships between home and school.  Such partnerships are nurtured and fostered at Newhaven College.

You can do it 

The You Can Do It program aligns to the personal and social capabilities learning framework of the Australian National Curriculum.  Students become more resilient, confident, organised, persistent and get along better.  Throughout the year, lesson reinforce positive attitudes/self-talk such as: Growth Mindset, Working Tough, Giving Effort and Accepting Myself.

Buddy Program 

The Buddy Program involves the Prep and Year 6 students meeting together on a fortnightly basis. It is designed to assist the Prep students to settle into their new school surroundings and feel safe and secure from the start. The Buddy Program makes life easier for the Preps at the beginning of the year as they have someone who can look out for them in the playground. The benefits of the program are not just limited to the Preps. Year 6 students feel an increased sense of responsibility and achievement. They take their responsibility very seriously and perceive themselves as role models in our school community. 

House System

There are four Houses at Newhaven College, and each student is allocated to a House upon enrolment: McHaffie (red), Clarke (yellow), Bass (green) and Sambell (blue). The main aim of the House system is to develop a sense of community within the House where members care for one another and work together for the benefit of all. Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in various inter-house events.


Student Support Services

Junior School students who show particular talents and gifts in certain subject areas have the opportunity to work on a variety of extension and enrichment tasks in class or in small groups. For students requiring additional support, class teachers work in partnership with our Student Support Services staff and Integration Aides to design and implement curriculum that meets the needs of each child.