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Enrichment & Support

Student Support Services

Staff in Student Support Services work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that the individual needs of students are fully catered for. Staff work with students with identified learning difficulties to achieve their very best academic and social outcomes. In addition, students who are experiencing short term difficulties are assisted through this period to get their studies back on track.

Pastoral Care

Junior School teachers are responsible for the Pastoral Care of their students under the guidance of the Head of Junior School.  Middle and Senior School operate on a pastoral care system with a Year Level Coordinator working with home group teachers who are primarily responsible for individual student wellbeing. Pastoral Care incorporates student welfare, management, and discipline. Effective Pastoral Care depends on the mutual respect and trust that exists among all teachers and students, such partnerships are nurtured and fostered at Newhaven College.
In May 2023 students participated in a Consent Webinar. The slides for the webinar can be found below:
Consent Webinar May 2023

You can do it program

You Can Do It is one of the specific programs embedded in our Prep to Year 8 curriculum. KidsMatter is a mental health and well-being framework that is utilised at Newhaven College to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. You Can Do It optimises the social, emotional and academic capabilities that all young people need to acquire in order to be successful in school, experience well-being, and have positive relationships that include making contributions to others and the community.

The House System

There are four Houses at Newhaven College, and each student is allocated to a House upon enrolment: Bass (green) Clarke (yellow), McHaffie (red), and Sambell (blue). The aim of the House system is to develop a sense of community within the House where members care for one another and work together for the benefit of all. Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in various inter-house events.

Peer Support

Year 7 - Transitioning from Primary School can be daunting and challenging for some students. Our Year 10 Peer Support program has been developed to provide a supportive culture within the College.  Our senior students thrive on becoming mentors and assist with developing a supportive environment that fosters good relationships across our College community.  

Buddy Program 

Our Buddy Program involves the Prep and Year 6 students meeting together on a fortnightly basis. It is designed to assist the Prep students to settle into their new school surroundings and feel safe and secure from the start. This program makes life easier for the Preps at the beginning of the year as they have someone who can look out for them in the playground.

College Chaplain

The College Chaplain supports the emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing of students, staff, families, and the wider school community by providing pastoral care services and strategies. The Chaplain works closely with our wellbeing and allied health staff to support students and their educational outcomes. The Chaplain is also involved with the special services that are arranged for Easter, Christmas, and other occasions.

College Counsellors

Our Counselling Team comprises of professional Psychologists and Social Workers. Their primary goal is to assist in nurturing and supporting positive mental health outcomes. All Newhaven College students are welcome to contact the Counselling team for support, whether that be for a one-off chat, or longer-term support.

Health Centre

Newhaven College provides facilities to handle most minor accidents and emergency situations that may occur. A school nurse is on duty in the Health Centre during school hours. Our school nurses manage student medications and facilitate the immunisation program for Middle and Senior School students.