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Student Leadership

Newhaven College provides many opportunities for student leadership. The philosophy is that ‘every student is a leader’. All students are expected to actively uphold the five school values of Excellence, Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Through the role modelling of these values College Leaders set an example for the entire College.

Senior School 

The Senior Cabinet includes School Captains and House Captains and is the student voice. Ideas come to cabinet via the Student Representatives in Home Groups.  Formal leadership opportunities are provided through the Year 12 Cabinet. The four College Captains lead a Cabinet that is currently made up of the following positions: House, Drama, Events, Music, Public Speaking, Equestrian, Environment, Public Speaking, Well-being, Sport, and Surfing Captains.

Middle School 

Middle School students are encouraged to express their ideas in the informal Home Group setting with the Student Representative Council member in their Home Group. Year 8 students also have leadership opportunities as Captains of the Middle School and as part of the Middle School Cabinet. The Middle School Student Leaders are given opportunities in a range of settings to lead both formally and informally.

Junior School

Junior School Year 4 students are encouraged to apply for leadership roles within the Junior School. Positions include: Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains. Our Junior School Captains play a pivotal role in the school and are actively involved in ensuring the Junior School is a safe and happy place. They perform official College duties such as presenting at whole school assemblies, taking guided College tours, participating in ANZAC Day ceremonies and raise funds for special projects, such as the children we sponsor overseas.