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Welcome to Middle School

Middle School at Newhaven College consists of students in Year 5 through to Year 8 and as such represents the distinct period of human growth and development situated between childhood and adolescence known as early adolescence.

During this stage of their school years, young adolescents, 10 to 14-year-olds, experience rapid and significant developmental change. Understanding and responding to the unique developmental characteristics of young adolescents is central to our approach to education in the Middle School at Newhaven College.

Our programs in Middle School are intended to optimise the social, emotional and academic capabilities that our students need to acquire in order to be successful in school and beyond, experience well-being, and have positive relationships that include making contributions to others and the community.

High expectations and academic growth accomplished in a supportive environment that uses strategies appropriate for this age level, is what enables each student to develop and grow. Every child’s academic and personal growth is guided by the Middle School community, with a specific teacher supporting each child’s development as they progress through each year level. Our organizational structures and processes are such that knowing each child individually is an interconnected component of the role of all teachers in Middle School.

There are many opportunities for students to participate in activities that occur outside the classroom; within year levels and across the wider school community. All students are encouraged to become involved, as these activities assist students in creating communities within the College, build pride in the school and strengthen our school spirit.

Geoff White - Head of Middle School