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Year 9 Program

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the Newhaven College Year 9 Learning Centre. We have developed an innovative and practical program that aims to keep students active and engaged in their learning. Students continue to develop skills in key areas and have an opportunity to explore many new concepts and experiences.

Our specific aim is to provide an academic program which blends elements of demonstrated conventional approaches with an engaging, innovative and integrated curriculum. Most of the program will be based on environmental themes. Particular emphasis will be given to the students’ personal development and enhancing their sense of community. The program aims to provide opportunities for practical and activity based learning in all facets of the curriculum.

The Year 9 Learning Centre program is exciting, relevant, challenging and stimulating. The program’s design and key competencies provide enormous potential for adopting a variety of teaching styles, giving value to the experiences and skills students bring to their own learning, and enhancing the academic development and personal growth of our students.

Ric Pearce
Head of Year 9

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