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Welcome to Senior School

Our Senior School at Newhaven College consists of students in Year 9 to 12. These are the crucial years when previous learning, increasing confidence and a greater sense of their place in the global community culminate and shape the future careers, vocations and directions of our students.

Newhaven College is committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to maximise their potential in their academic, social, sporting and cultural lives and to graduate with a clear and optimistic sense of their future study and work possibilities.

The Senior School offers the opportunity for all students to complete their Victorian Certificate of Education in preparation for further study at University or TAFE or to directly enter the workforce. Individual students have the option to include a school based apprenticeship or a Level II Certificate in a trade. This allows all Senior School students the flexibility and choice to customise their program in Years 10 to 12 to meet their own aspirations and abilities.

Jason Scott - Vice Principal and Head of Senior School