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Our Careers Centre

The Careers Centre is located within the Senior School. The aim of the Careers Centre is to assist students in managing career making decisions including information on work experience, subject selection and pathway decisions to future studies.

A great way to begin is to help students find what they love doing, what subjects they are good at and how they can turn their interests into a career. When assisting students to make decisions, our aim is to help position each student to maximise their possible future options and opportunities.

The VCE subject selection process determines the university pathway and other courses that students may be eligible for, and the ones that students may be excluded from. It is critically important that when students make decisions, they understand that their subject choices may restrict their future opportunities. When selecting VCE subjects, it is important for students to be aware of any prerequisite subjects that are required in order for them to enrol in university courses that they may want to study in the future.

Individual pathway management occurs at Year 10, 11 and 12. Each student is interviewed each year to help them make informed choices and to provide them with additional information which they can use to make the best decision possible. The Careers Centre is always available for appointments for both students and parents to assist with making these decisions.

Career News - November 2023