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Year 10-12 Curriculum

Year 10 Curriculum

The Year 10 Curriculum consists of compulsory core units and a range of elective choices, all leading to VCE Units. Both the core and elective units are modelled on a VCE structure and provide opportunity for enhancement, enrichment, enjoyment and of course, essential development of skills.  

English - In this subject, students continue to consolidate, develop and extend their written and oral communication skills as well as their skills of comprehension and analysis. The subject centres on literary and media texts, which are supplemented with other material.  

Mathematics - Year 10 students can choose to study 3 options of Mathematics.  Core Mathematics for students intending to study Further Mathematics in Year 12. Advanced Mathematics for students intending to undertake Mathematical Methods and/or Specialist Mathematics in VCE.  Essential Mathematics students who do not intend to complete a mathematics course at VCE or intend to complete Unit 1 & 2 Foundation Maths. 

Science - The Year 10 Core Science program has been developed to refine and extend skills, concepts and experiences formulated in the first three years at the College. The Year 10 Science curriculum sees students explore systems at different scales and connect microscopic and macroscopic properties to explain phenomena. Students explore the biological, chemical, geological and physical evidence for different theories. 

Humanities - The Humanities Course consists of studies in both History and Geography. The Geography component students will study two units: Environmental Change and Management and Geography of Wellbeing.   History provides a study of the modern world and Australia from 1914 to the present, with an emphasis on Australia. Students will also investigate the ongoing struggles for human rights.  

Physical Education - Through involvement in various activities, students develop physical and social skills as well as providing an opportunity for leadership, peer teaching and umpiring. Students undertake fitness tests, enabling them to monitor their own fitness level. Activity options include: Soccer, Touch Football, Hockey, Australian Rules Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Archery, Yoga, Circuit Fitness, Croquet, Pilates, Golf and Lawn Bowls. 

Elective Subjects - The elective blocks contain subjects with a variety of content and skill requirements allowing students to explore areas of interest.  Elective subjects allow students to explore strengths, interests and preferences before making their VCE study selections. A full list of subjects is available in the Year 10 Electives Guide.


The Senior School offers the opportunity for all students to complete their Victorian Certificate of Education in preparation for further study at University or TAFE or to directly enter the workforce. The College offers an extensive range of VCE and VET subjects based upon student choice, this enables all students to select a VCE course that meets their further study and employment goals. 

VCE subjects can be combined with VET subjects to satisfy the requirements of the Victorian Certificate of Education. A full list of subjects is available in the VCE Subject Guide.

Vet Building & Construction (Carpentry)

The VET Building and Construction pre-apprenticeship program is offered to Year 10-11 students.  The program is designed to give students the opportunity to gain experience across several building trades including bricklaying, carpentry, painting and decorating, wall and ceiling lining, wall and floor tiling, solid plastering and stonemasonry. 

Individual students have the option to include a school based apprenticeship or a Level II Certificate in Building & Construction (Carpentry). This allows all Senior School students the flexibility and choice to customise their program in Years 10 to 12 to meet their own aspirations and abilities.