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Surfing Academy

Our Surfing Academy 

The Newhaven College Surfing Academy offers a structured, sequential competency based program for all surfing levels from first time beginners to elite competitors. For many students, first contact with our Surfing Academy is through the Year 5-6 Water Safety and Surf Awareness Days, but all Middle School and Senior School students can get involved at any year Level or competency level. The Surfing Academy aims to reflect, cater for and build on this strong aspect of our community, by providing opportunities for our students to engage in surfing at all levels with awareness, respect, safety and a sense of fun.

 program Details

  • Year 5-6 Water Safety - Two day ‘at the beach’ awareness, safety, and skill development program.
  • Year 7-12 SM Surfing - An elective for timetabled sport in Terms 1, 2 & 4.
  • Year 10 - Outdoor Recreation (Surfing) – A whole-year aquatic based elective which develops ocean awareness, safety and skills and sees the students help administer and judge Surf Academy events and competitions.
  • Year 10 Surf Camp, Lorne (end Term 1)
  • Performance Training Squad (after school Wednesdays, Term 1, 2 & 4 )
  • Bi-annual Surfing Australia H.P.C. trip - elite training for established surfers
  • The opportunity to compete in a range of competitions for various abilities


Surfing Competitions (Year 5-12)

  • Bass Coast Region Primary Schools Surfing
  • Newhaven College House Surfing
  • SEISA Surfing (Inter-School)
  • Victorian Schools Tag Team (Surfing Victoria)

Leadership Opportunities

Our senior surfers provide guidance and leadership to the younger members of the team.  Every year a Surfing Academy Captain is selected as part of the Year 12 Cabinet.