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Year 9 Program

Year 9 Program

Our Year 9 Learning Centre has developed an innovative and practical program that aims to keep students active and engaged in their learning. The program’s design and key competencies provide enormous potential for adopting a variety of teaching styles, giving value to the experiences and skills students bring to their own learning, and enhancing their academic development and personal growth. 
Ric Pearce - Head of Year 9

English - The Year 9 English program aims to enable all students to develop their critical understanding and control of the English language, so that they can use it in a wide range of situations, from the personal and informal to more public occasions. 

Mathematics - The Year 9 Mathematics curriculum aims to provide all students with a broad range of the necessary skills and techniques to enable each student to choose their best option for their senior mathematical studies. 

Science - Year 9 Science program examines topics such as Energy, the Carbon Cycle, Tectonics, Chemistry, Control, and coordination of the human body. There is a large emphasis on learning through practical experiments. 

Ideas - An integration of traditional subjects to create meaningful and realistic links between learning and the students’ lives. During the course, students develop further awareness, knowledge and understanding of the physical, biological, social, and cultural environments of the West Gippsland region. 

Japanese - In Japanese, students further develop their language skills and discover more about the culture of Japan in a context that is relevant to their own interests and experience. The students will also study, geography, customs, family life and ceremonies. 

Asian Studies - Asian Studies is subject unique to Year 9. Students examine the ancient and contemporary history of various states in Asia and their cultural, social, and environmental impacts on the world. 

Mind Body Soul - Mind Body Soul program incorporates physical activities with health and mental wellbeing. Students participate in a range of physical activities that strive to improve student fitness and involvement in outdoor activities. The subject delivers a variety of lessons and workshops on personal safety and health. 

Community Project - Community Project is a significant part of the Year 9 Learning Centre program. The project’s aim is to achieve intensive off-campus, community based learning with a range of groups around Bass Coast.

The City Experience -The City Experience program is diverse with students not only immersing themselves in all the city has to offer via excursions and guest speakers, but also negotiating public transport, working on a group task, and reflecting upon their experiences. 

Wollangarra - The Meet the Mountains program involves various activities including a three day bush walk. The program is a tremendous time of community development and students are able to learn how to work and interact with their peers in a positive and supportive manner.

Elective Subjects
Students select two electives, with each being undertaken for a semester. The Elective are subject to student interest, options include - Food Studies, Music, Art, Design Technology (Wood / Furniture making) Design Technology (Textiles), CAD Designing, Drama and Photo Imaging and Design.   


In Year 9, Examinations are introduced to students for the first time. This allows students to begin developing the skills necessary for future success.  It also allows the assessment and development of invaluable study skills.