Why Newhaven

Why choose Newhaven College?

Children feel at home here. Our college is a nurturing environment where teachers, students and families work together to shape a holistic education. When you choose Newhaven College, you invest in a community of families who care about learning.

To start, we're not your typical independent school. We cater to a diverse range of families from across a large geographical area.

We drive academic ambition

We believe all children are capable of high levels of growth.

We activate their ambition using teaching approaches grounded in evidence.

We prepare students with the curiosity and creativity they need to navigate a rapidly changing world.

Teachers and students learn from each other in a collaborative exchange.

Two-thirds of our Year 12 graduates go on to a Bachelor's degree, while others achieve success in a trade, business or in the arts.

We foster trade skills

While academic excellence is important, it's not our only measuring stick.

We're just as committed to students who choose vocational subjects as those on the academic track.

In Years 10-11, students can gain skills in Building and Construction in our fantastic Trade Skills Centre

Our apprenticeship completion rate is proof our school culture values these skills.

Our vocational programs

It's not only about results

Beyond the classroom, we offer a broad range of specialist activities, excursions, and camps. We nurture the whole child. This builds a spiritual and emotional foundation to guide them through life.

These experiences help students develop self-esteem. They build and strengthen relationships and develop leadership and organisational skills.

We're proud of a rich offering from sewing to surfing, equestrian to excursions.

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Important stuff you should know…

Exceptional purpose-built facilities

Each sub-school has beautiful outdoor settings to learn in.

We've invested in first-rate purpose-built facilities from gymnasiums to music studios and food tech to trade skills.

All our classrooms are bathed in light and offer views of our 33 acre site. We see geese, wallabies and echidnas wander by.

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Our teachers are invested

Our teachers are exceptional. They connect with each student and nurture their passions.

We've created a culture where new ideas are welcome. Children and teachers are open to learning from each other.

Many of our staff and teachers send their children to our school. That's how much they believe in our approach.

Our teachers build a strong and caring community around the students.

We're lucky to have this location

Our large site gives students a burst of exercise between lessons. There's nothing like the breeze on your face to freshen you up.

Access to nature helps keeps students grounded and boosts staff and teachers' wellbeing.

We learn from nature. The environment is a teacher for all of us.

We make your life simpler

We're here to serve the families of this region. Students come from all areas of Bass Coast and South Gippsland.

Our extensive bus network takes children to and from school, so you can get on with your life.

We don't have school sports at the weekend.

We value our students staying connected with their local community.

We have a thing about music

At Newhaven College, music isn't only for the talented few. It's a proud part of the curriculum for students from Prep - Year 12.

Our Music Plus program allows students to join a range of choirs, ensembles and bands at no additional fee.

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Our fees are reasonable

Our College Board remains committed to keeping Newhaven College fees as affordable as possible.

We charge a fraction of Melbourne independent schools, so they stay accessible to our local community.

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Still thinking?

Read more about our difference.

Our Difference

"Struck by the warmth of the team"

"On our first visit, we were very impressed by the look of the school and its layout. And we were struck by the warmth and friendliness of the team we met."

- Parent who moved to the area after visiting the College

Admissions are open for 2025