Co-curricular Program

Surf Academy

Surfing at Newhaven College

Newhaven College Surfing Academy caters to all levels, from beginners to advanced competitors. Our program is competency-based, so each student progresses at their own pace.

The Surf Academy Program

Middle School and Senior School students can join at any year level or competency level. Our Year 5/6 Water Safety and Surf Awareness Days introduce students to the sport.

We believe surfing is a valuable part of our community. We aim to build a fun and safe culture.

Students are encouraged to engage in surfing with awareness, respect, safety, and enjoyment.

Program Details

Year 5/6 Water Safety - Two day 'at the beach' awareness, safety, and skill development program.

Year 7-12 SM Surfing - An elective for timetabled sport in Terms 1, 2 & 4.

Year 10 - Outdoor Recreation – An elective that focuses on surfing skills, ocean awareness, safety, surf judging and surfboard shaping.

Year 10 Surf Camp, Lorne (end Term 1)

Performance Training Squad (after school Wednesdays, Term 1, 2 & 4 )

Bi-annual Surfing Australia HPC trip. Elite training for established surfers

The opportunity to compete in a range of competitions for various abilities

Surfing Competitions (Year 5-12)

⦁ Bass Coast Region Primary Schools Surfing

⦁ Newhaven College House Surfing

⦁ SEISA Surfing (Inter-School)

⦁ Victorian Schools Tag Team (Surfing Victoria)