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Tara Story
Class of 2015

Since Year 8 Tara wanted to study food science at university. After graduating Newhaven College Tara moved to Melbourne and completed a degree with RMIT, learning about food chemistry, production, packaging, and sustainability.

Along the way, Tara realised the thing they enjoyed the most about their degree was the presenting, and volunteering she was doing helping high school students with STEM. So, she left the labs for outreach work, sharing their passion for science with others, and ended up at Healesville Sanctuary engaging visitors in conversations about our wildlife.

Tara loved working at Zoos Victoria, “it was incredible getting to know so many of our native animals and encourage the public to take sustainable actions on”. Since then, Tara has studied postgrad in Science Communication, worked at Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, RMIT University, and La Trobe University, and has found a career she is so enthusiastic about.

Currently Tara is the STEAM Communicator for the soon to be opened Science Gallery at the University of Melbourne. Part museum, gallery, and laboratory, they explore the collision of art and science with the guidance and input of a team of 15-25 year olds called Sci-Curious. Tara develops and delivers education programs for high school students that show just how creative, innovative, and exciting STEAM can be. Every day they get to play and explore the science and art of our world, “it's incredible and I'm so glad I get to share it with students”.

I have fond memories of my Science classes at Newhaven College with Mr Spence. He was someone who inspired the curiosity I have for STEM, and who's passion and care for our education made me feel like science was a path I could take.

Tara’s advice for current students is to do what interests you. And if your interests change, that's awesome. "I hope you never feel stuck on a path, please know we're all out here changing careers, opinions, styles, and passions all the time".

Matthew Bagley
Class of 2000

After graduating Matthew Bagley travelled for over two years within Australia, Canada then Europe. By the time he came home he had worked out what he wanted to do, and studied Applied Design, Visual communications, User experience Design.

Matthew has worked in the design/creative industry for 15 years and is currently working as a Creative Director. For the past 4 years he has worked in the Health and Wellbeing section of Virgin and is now contracted to various companies doing market strategies and positioning around branding and creativity. For the last 7 years he has actively looked to work with companies that are pushing to make a positive change in the world, to give the work he does a purpose over a pay cheque.

His other focus has been ocean photography, however this has been more for satisfaction over a financial gain. Matt says “When you grow up on the coast you will understand how much of your life revolves around the ocean. My photography work is around the human connection with the ocean”. In 2021 Matthew released his work for exhibitions and awards, and they have been displayed in Milan, Monaco, Berlin, Moscow and London. or

Matthew says “I can honestly say if you find yourself flying 35 hours for a meeting in Boston with the CEO of a multinational company and the round table discussion is where did you go to school? and everyone is saying Brown, Stanford, Harvard and you say I went to school where surfing was a subject on a Wednesday afternoon you will be remembered”.

His advice to current and future students is to make decisions and move forward, some are right and some are wrong, but you will learn more from the times you are wrong. Find a mentor. It's been more valuable learning from people with passion and purpose for what they do, so soak it up like a sponge. It is less about the big company name and more about the people leading the business, department managers, your team members or staff.

Alister Hadley
Class of 2011

After graduating in 2011 College Captain, Alister Hadley undertook a gap year working at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort. This enabled him to save money and move to Bendigo to complete his Bachelor of Outdoor Education (2013-2015).
From 2015 to 2019 Alister worked as a freelance Outdoor Educator, travelling around Australia, delivering a range of Outdoor Experiences to a variety of students. Alister is just about to compete his Master of Applied Learning and Teaching with Deakin University (2021).

In April 2021, Alister choose to return to the College for his University placement. He thought it would be great to come back and see the 'modern' Newhaven College (compared to the Boys Home Road campus). He was quite nervous on day 1, but everyone was helpful, kind and supportive. Alister enjoyed reconnecting and working with the staff and teachers, and the students were great.

Alister’s fondest memory of Newhaven College was back in 2011 (Year 12). “I was planning to move into Outdoor Education in Bendigo. At the time you needed a study score of 25 in English to apply and be accepted into the course. I spoke with Jane McGillivray about my ambitions as she was my Year 12 English teacher, and she recognised that my essay writing and general English abilities needed improving. She told me I needed to practice my writing and encouraged me to write an essay every week (to which she graciously marked and gave me feedback). By the end of Year 12, I achieved over the required score and was accepted into the course, the rest is history.

Without Jane, her recognition of my skills and her willingness to take extra time with me I would never had made it into Outdoor Education nor continued into being a teacher! Thanks Jane!”

Adrian Yeung
Class of 2010

Upon leaving Newhaven College in 2010, Adrian completed a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Politics, Media and Chinese Language. He went on to pursue a Masters of International Business. During this time, He also studied in Shanghai and worked in Hong Kong, and worked as a brand ambassador for Google.

Following university, He pursued a career in business and marketing. Adrian's work experience includes talking to market digital/emerging tech solutions at KPMG, digital marketing at and search engine and content strategy at a digital agency called WME. In late 2020 he joined the Victorian Government.

Adrian currently works as a Policy Advisor - Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. He works in the area of Industry Development, supporting the design of public policy to strengthen Victoria's key manufacturing sectors - particularly food production and medical technologies & pharmaceuticals.

Outside of work and study, Adrian is a podcaster, writer and musician. In 2020 he launched a fiction podcast called The Story Symphony, where each chapter of the story is written by an entirely different person. In 2014 he founded an online publication named Centrethought, which focuses on political and social issues. He also occasionally performs original songs at Open Mic nights.

His fondest memory of Newhaven College was going to City Cite in Year 9. Adrian's advice to current students is: While you're at school, there's a lot of emphasis on thinking about the future. But you're only ever at school once, so never forget to live in the moment and participate in as many opportunities that are on offer as possible.

Kiaran Burns (ne' Plunkett-Gregory)

After graduating in 2011 College Captain, Kiaran enlisted into the Australian Army in 2013 where he began study at the Australian Defence Force Academy. In 2017, he graduated from the Royal Military College – Duntroon into the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps.

Captain Burns has enjoyed postings as a Training Platoon Commander at the Army School of Ordnance in Bandiana, Aircraft Support Troop Commander at the 5th Aviation Regiment in Townsville, and currently as the S4 Logistics Staff Officer at the Royal Military College – Duntroon.

Captain Burns provided command and logistical assistance to OP NQLD Flood Assist 19 and has embarked on HMAS Adelaide as part of the Amphibious Task Group on joint exercises.

Holly Cardamone
Class of 1991

After graduating, Holly Caramone completed a Bachelor BA Nursing, MA Communications, MA Writing and Literature.

Holly has a boutique communications consultancy (Blue51 Communications) in Melbourne. She uses her love of words and passion for language to assist businesses in telling their story and growing their business using beautiful communications. Holly is also a successful author publishing a book, Tell Your Story- build your brand and grow your business.

Holly’s favourite memories of Newhaven College are too many to count! The friendships, the connectedness, the incredible teaching staff, and spending an English Literature class standing knee deep in the water on a 30+ day.

Her advice to current and future students is to “Make the most of every opportunity that presents itself”.

Darcy Bee
Class of 2014

After graduating, Darcy Bee completed a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of International Relations at ANU in 2020.

Darcy has worked as a Media Advisor at the Israeli Embassy using his qualifications within the political field. He will commence as a graduate at the Commonwealth Treasury in February 2021.

His favourite memerory of Newhaven College is the Japan study trip and the Year 9 Wollangarra hike.

Darcy's advice for current and future students is, "Don't worry too much about what others think of you. Follow your passions, work hard, and be kind and respectful to everyone".

Madeleine Stuchbery
Class of 2009

After graduating, Madeleine Stuchbery attended university at Deakin University and the University of Leicester, before obtaining my Bachelor of Arts, Journalism.

Madeleine is now a journalist at The Weekly Times newspaper. Currently undertaking a mentorship through the Melbourne Press Club. One highlight was being dispatched to Shanghai, Qingdao and Beijing in 2019 to report on environmental issues and trade for the newspaper.

Madeleine’s favourite memory of the College is the time she spent at the Year 9 Learning Centre.

Her advice to current and future students is to: “Play to your strengths. You're better off studying subjects you're passionate about and good at, regardless of the points it will get you in exams, rather than forcing yourself to do subjects you don't care about just for the sake of a higher score. Be bold, confident in your abilities, creative and strong. Following your passion and skill set will see you succeed in the real world!”.

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