Junior School

Nurturing hearts and minds

From Prep - Year 4, our Junior School offers a structured and engaging environment. This encourages children to become active learners.

Students get a well-rounded education, rich with experiences only Phillip Island can offer.

An education at Newhaven College leaves a lasting imprint.

We deeply know each child

The Junior School is an inclusive environment where differences are accepted and celebrated.

Smaller class sizes help us get to know your child as an individual.

This encourages them to grow and discover their potential within safe boundaries.

Welcome from the head of Junior School

Developing a passion for learning

The Junior School years are a crucial period where we plant the seeds of success for the future. From Prep to Year 4, our primary focus is instilling a genuine love for learning in every child, ensuring each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In our secure and friendly environment, students receive a high-quality education. Our commitment is to provide a caring and inclusive setting with a strong academic focus. We offer a broad, balanced curriculum that exposes students to new ideas and experiences, fostering a passion for learning.

Our Junior School, with small classes and an engaging teaching style, nurtures a thriving environment. We prioritise developing students' fundamental skills for future success. Our commitment includes keeping teachers informed about educational advancements to enhance overall education quality.

Cath Huther

Head of Junior School

We bake care into everything we do

We prioritise wellbeing as the foundation of effective learning.

We have dedicated professionals such as counsellors, psychologists and a school chaplain. These resources ensure that students can receive the support they need to thrive emotionally and academically. 

There are opportunities for student leadership and enrichment, fostering a holistic educational experience that encourages personal growth and development.

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A strong sense of belonging

“In Junior School, experiential learning encourages young people to look inside themselves and work out who they are and where they belong. To me, that’s even more valuable than the academic education.”

- Belinda, parent

Learning at the Junior School

At Newhaven College we make learning engaging and meaningful. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity and lay a solid foundation for future learning. 

Within every classroom, you'll find evidence-based best practices seamlessly integrated into our teaching approach.

We customise lessons to accommodate each student’s individual needs, cultivating an inclusive environment where all individuals feel a profound sense of belonging, flourish, and are empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Our teaching prioritises learning experiences that allow students to embed what they learn.

We hold ourselves to high standards, constantly striving for excellence in education.

The Junior School curriculum


Evidence based programs designed to establish solid skills in speaking and listening, reading, writing and viewing.

MathematicsLearning to solve problems and apply mathematics in real-world scenarios. Develop numeracy and problem-solving skills.
HumanitiesBlending geography, history, economics, and civics and citizenship education to aid children in understanding their world.
ScienceStudents delve into concepts spanning biological, chemical, physical, and earth and space sciences.
TechnologyStudents cultivate computational thinking, coding skills, and digital literacy.
JapaneseDiscovering Japanese language and culture is an integral part of our curriculum.
The ArtsNurturing confidence by providing opportunities for students to shine in public speaking, singing, dancing, and acting.
Health & PEHealth and physical education play a vital role in fostering holistic well-being.
Cross AgeOlder students participate in cross-age interactions, acting as mentors to their younger peers.

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A typical day at Junior School includes diverse 

co-curricular activities

Campus Life

Our youngest students feel part of a wider community, with the Junior School based on site with the Middle and Senior Schools.

Many primary years students come from around Phillip Island and San Remo. We also bus students from up to an hour away from Bass Coast Shire and South Gippsland.

Our single campus and extensive bus network make life convenient for working families.

Enrolments are open for next year

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