Senior School

Years 10-12 Curriculum

Year 10 Curriculum: Core Units and Elective Choices

In Year 10, students study a mix of mandatory core units and a selection of elective choices. These are all designed to lead to VCE Units.

Core and elective units are structured according to the VCE program. This allows students to enhance their knowledge, cultivate their interests, and develop essential skills.


Students develop their skills in writing, speaking, and understanding different types of texts. This includes texts from literature and the media, and other materials.


Year 10 students can choose one of three Mathematics tracks, each preparing for different math courses in VCE.

  • Core Mathematics is for those planning to study Further Mathematics in Year 12.
  • Advanced Mathematics is for students who want to take Mathematical Methods and/or Specialist Mathematics in VCE.
  • Essential Mathematics is for students who won't study a math course in VCE or plan to take Unit 1 & 2 Foundation Maths.


Students refine and expand the skills, ideas, and experiences they have gained in earlier years.

They explore different systems on various scales, connecting tiny and large-scale properties to explain different phenomena. They also examine biological, chemical, geological, and physical evidence for various theories.


In Humanities, students study both History and Geography. In Geography, students study Environmental Change and Management and Geography of Wellbeing. History covers the modern world and Australia from 1914 to today, focusing on Australia. Students also look at ongoing struggles for human rights.

Physical Education

Through participation in various activities, students develop physical and social skills. They also get the chance to demonstrate leadership, teach their peers, and umpire games. They take fitness tests to track their own fitness levels. Activities they can choose from include soccer, touch football, hockey, Australian Rules football, and many more.

Elective Subjects

Students can choose from elective subjects that let them explore different areas of interest. These subjects help them learn more about their strengths, interests and preferences before choosing their VCE study areas.

VCE: Year 11 - 12

Preparing for Future Studies and Work

The Senior School prepares all students to earn their Victorian Certificate of Education.

This is the next step for further study at University or TAFE, or to start working.

The College offers a wide range of VCE and VET subjects based on student choices. This lets students choose a VCE course that suits their plans for further study and work.

VCE subjects can be combined with VET subjects to meet the requirements of the Victorian Certificate of Education.

VET Building and Construction Qualifications

Year 10-11 students can choose the VET Building and Construction pre-apprenticeship program. This program lets students gain experience in several building trades.

Topics covered include bricklaying, carpentry, painting and decorating, wall and ceiling lining, wall and floor tiling, solid plastering, and stonemasonry.

Students can include a school-based apprenticeship or a Level II Certificate in Building & Construction (Carpentry) in their studies.

This program allows Senior School students to shape their program in Years 10 to 12 to fit their goals and abilities.

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