Year 9

Year 9 at Newhaven College

An experience to be cherished

An unforgettable journey awaits in Year 9. Nestled within the expansive grounds of Newhaven College lies our purpose-built Environmental Centre, a sanctuary for hands-on learning. Here, students don ranger-style uniforms and sturdy hiking boots, signalling the shift to a new pace of education.

The Year 9 Environmental Centre embodies our commitment to an innovative and immersive curriculum. Our aim is simple: to ignite students' curiosity and foster active participation in their learning journey.

Our carefully crafted program embraces diverse teaching methodologies, placing experiential learning at its core. Through meaningful engagements and practical experiences, students not only deepen their academic knowledge but also nurture personal growth, creating memories that endure far beyond the classroom.

Welcome to Year 9

Year 9 is a pivotal year, filled with exciting academic challenges, personal growth and opportunities to discover new passions. Our program aims to challenge students and build understanding and expertise through creating meaningful experiential learning opportunities throughout the Bass Coast and beyond.

The Year 9 Environmental Centre fosters excellence by building strong relationships with all students. We empower them to explore their interests and discover what motivates them, setting them on a path to success in Senior School and into the future.

Sam Foura

Head of Year 9

Where learning comes to life

The Year 9 curriculum looks different from the other years. We progress with core subjects and introduce new ones. We approach all subjects using methods that connect students with the world around them. This innovative program sparks student engagement with learning.

Core academic subjects


In Year 9 English, we aim to help students develop a critical understanding. This helps them apply English in all kinds of situations, from casual chats to more formal talks.


The Year 9 Maths program gives students a wide set of skills and techniques. This helps them pick the best path for their math studies in their Senior years.


Our Year 9 Science digs into topics like Energy, the Carbon Cycle, and Chemistry.

We also learn about the coordination of the human body. We focus a lot on learning through hands-on experiments and reporting our findings.

Unique subjects and experiences for Year 9 students


This class connects different subjects to help students see how learning relates to their own lives. We explore the world around us in Bass Coast and South Gippsland. Students become aware of the physical, biological, social and cultural environments around them.

The City Experience

Students dive into city life for ten days on the City CITE camp with outings and guest speakers. They navigate public transport, do group tasks, and reflect on their experiences.


In this class, students level up their language skills and learn more about Japan's culture. They'll dive into geography, customs, family life, and ceremonies. We look at Japanese culture through the students' interests and experiences.

Asian Studies

A special subject for Year 9. Students delve into the history and culture of different Asian countries and see how they've shaped the world. We consider cultural, social and environmental impacts.

Wollangarra Camp

Meeting the Mountains is a five-day course with two nights on hike, and two nights on the farm to experience the pioneer lifestyle of the Wollangarra homestead. Students will continue to build their connection to community and working together in the outdoors.

Mind Body Soul

This program combines physical activities with lessons on mental health and wellbeing. Students engage in lots of activities to boost their fitness and love for the outdoors. Plus, they learn about personal safety and health.

Elective Subjects

Students pick two elective subjects for a semester.

Subjects can include: Food Studies, Music, Art, Tech Design (Wood / Metal), Textiles, Computer-Aided Design, Drama, Outdoor Pursuits and Photo Imaging and Design.

Community Projects

This major part of the Year 9 program sees students work off-campus with local Bass Coast groups for real-world learning This may include working with Junior School students, rearing young calves or visiting nursing homes.


Year 9 is when students first get a taste of exams. This is a chance for them to start building exposure to exams and prepare for senior school and VCE study.

Deepening Connections

In Year 9 our teachers develop a closer bond with students. We focus on their pastoral care this year as it's known to be a challenging one in adolescence.

Students get one-to-one attention. Many students love Year 9 and are sad when it comes to an end. They leave ready to broaden their academic horizons and clearer about their identity.

"The Year 9 centre is really wonderful. My boys became a bit more mature, a little bit more independent. By the end, their eyes were opened that they have to start exams and they need to put some effort in."

Mother of sons in Senior School

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