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Nurturing hearts and minds

At Newhaven College, we prioritise the wellbeing and growth of our students. We have a strong commitment to pastoral care, supported in several ways.

There are opportunities for enrichment programs and leadership opportunities for students. Our House structure forges close bonds. And we offer chaplaincy and counselling services for those who need them.

Taken together, these elements create a safe haven for students. A place where they belong and can develop resilience.

Supporting students' wellbeing

Our size allows us to be attentive to each student's needs. Unlike at bigger schools, they won't get lost in the crowd.

Children achieve incredible things when they're encouraged and challenged the right way.

In our vibrant culture, students thrive and become the best they can be.

"Grown a sense of self-belief."

"My son is in Year 12, and he's thinking about going to university. I'd never have thought he'd think about university, but a few teachers encouraged him. They built his confidence. He now realises he's capable. Thanks to support and feedback, he's grown a sense of self-belief." - Parent

What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral care is support and care for the inner person. At Newhaven College, this includes student welfare, management and discipline.

We cultivate mutual respect and trust between students and carers. It's key to effective care.

In the Junior School, teachers tend to the pastoral care of students, guided by the Head of the Junior School.

In Middle and Senior School, students become part of a House where they are guided by House Leaders and Mentors each day.

Our structures and programs support pastoral care

Newhaven College House Structure

The purpose of the vertical House structure is to develop a sense of community within each House. Home Group each morning takes on a new dimension with increased engagement as students in mixed groups of Year 10-12 students and Year 5-8 students have a daily focus cycled through weekend reflection, assembly, academia, wellbeing and fun.

Senior School and Middle School have House based Leadership teams who provide pastoral care for each student in their charge. Contact for each House Leader can be made through SEQTA.

Members care for one another and work together towards a goal. Students take part in various inter-house events. This creates identity, companionship and a strong sense of support for students.

Each student is allocated a House when they enrol:

Bass (green)

Clarke (yellow)

McHaffie (red)

Sambell (blue)

In Middle and Senior School, students meet daily in House Tutor groups. This deepens relationships between staff and students. The Staff House Leaders are the first point of contact for parents.

Our pastoral care programs:

The Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program helps Prep students feel safe and secure and settle into their new school surroundings.

Year 6 students are the older buddies of the Prep students. The Buddy Program fosters a greater sense of belonging and a more inclusive school community.

Peer Support

The transition from Junior School to Middle School can be daunting for some students. 

Our Peer Support program builds a supportive culture. Younger students get the extra support they need, and Senior students thrive on becoming mentors to younger students.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services staff work with classroom teachers to meet individual student needs.

They support students with identified learning difficulties to achieve academic and social outcomes.

These staff also support students who face short-term difficulties and need help to get their studies back on track.

College Chaplain

The College Chaplain supports the emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of students, staff and our community.

The Chaplain works with our wellbeing and allied health staff to support students.  

The Chaplain is also involved with special services for Easter, Christmas, and other occasions.

Read more about Chaplaincy Services

College Counsellors

Our Counselling Team includes professional psychologists and social workers.

Their goal is to help nurture positive mental health outcomes.

All students are welcome to contact the Counselling team for a one-off chat or longer-term support.

Health Centre

Newhaven College has facilities to handle most minor accidents and emergency situations. A school nurse is on duty in the Health Centre during school hours. School nurses manage medications and run immunisation programs.

Student leadership opportunities

Newhaven College provides opportunities for student leadership. Our philosophy is 'every student is a leader'.

Junior School

Year 4 students are encouraged to apply for leadership roles within the Junior School as Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains.

Our Junior School Captains are actively involved in ensuring the Junior School is a safe and happy place.

They present at whole school assemblies, take guided College tours, participate in ANZAC Day ceremonies and raise funds for special projects.

Middle School

Year 8 students have leadership opportunities as Captains of the Middle School and part of the Middle School Leadership Team.

Middle School Student Leaders are given opportunities to lead formally and informally.

Middle School students can express their ideas to the many Middle School Captains, Student Representative for each year level or a staff member. These ideas are presented to the Head of Middle School for consideration.

Senior School

The Senior School Leadership Team includes School Captains and House Captains and acts as the students' voice. Ideas come to the cabinet from Student Representatives.

Formal leadership opportunities are provided through the Year 12 Cabinet.

Four College Captains lead a Cabinet made up of positions including House, Drama, Events, Music, Public Speaking, Equestrian, Environment, Public Speaking, Wellbeing, Sport, and Surfing Captains.

Student leaders role model our values






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