Middle School

Middle School at Newhaven College

Middle School at Newhaven College is for students in Years 5 to 8.

Honour and enrich each young person

We build a buffer to the potential challenges of adolescence.

Welcome to Middle School

Our Middle School Model, embodies the essence of our educational philosophy. Designed with the unique needs of 10-14 year olds in mind, we liken this pivotal stage of development to that of a sapling—vulnerable yet bursting with potential. Recognising that peers often hold significant sway during this period, we cultivate a nurturing environment where our dedicated staff serve as steadfast pillars of support, guiding our students with consistency and care.

Middle School students not only foster a sense of identity but also actively engage in collaborative endeavours for the betterment of our broader community. Our curriculum is designed to seamlessly integrate humanities and science, intertwining physical and mental wellbeing, and emphasising community projects as vehicles for real-world learning experiences.

We place a strong emphasis on digital literacy, ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate today's technology-driven world. Creative opportunities are elevated through community projects, while authentic assessment methods provide meaningful feedback on student progress and enhance the partnership between home and school.

Additionally, we are proud to offer extension programs, providing enrichment opportunities for students to explore their interests and strengths beyond the traditional curriculum.

We are dedicated to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of each and every student. Join us on this journey as we empower young minds, cultivate resilience, and shape the contributors of tomorrow.

Ralph Arceo

Head of Middle School

Learning begins with wellbeing

As children mature, we remain focussed on wellbeing as the foundation of learning.

Our pastoral care model includes the House Structure, a buddy program, and access to counsellors, psychologists and a school chaplain.

There are also opportunities for student leadership and enrichment.

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Learning at the Middle School

We view the Middle School years as a precious time when students need to be protected and nourished like saplings. During this time, they develop the foundational skills they need for future growth.

The Middle School Curriculum

From Year 5 - Year 8, students at Newhaven College deepen their academic knowledge across the curriculum. As the years progress and students develop their passions, more areas of study are offered.


Students expand their language, literature, and literacy skills.


Numbers, algebra, measurement, geometry, and statistics.


Scientific understanding, nature of science, scientific inquiry skills, cells, energy transfer, rocks, atomic theory.


Topics include Colonial Australia, the development of Australia, Western, Islamic and Asia Pacific History.


Learning instruments, ensemble work, notation, performance, composition, and music styles in small groups.


Students develop their Japanese language, script, expressions, and understanding of culture.

Physical Education

Fitness, motor skills, sports, interschool competitions.

Social Emotional Learning Program (SEL) Year 5/6

The SEL program develops wellbeing and engagement in Years 5 and 6.


Year 7/8

Ancient civilisations, Australian environments, global environmental change, geographic features, history of different regions.


For Years 7 and 8 Adolescent lifestyles, relationships, healthy diet and nutrition, issues around drug use.

Year 7 Modules

Art, Design Technology, Drama, Food Technology, Multimedia, Visual Communication Design, Economics and Business.

Year 8 Electives

CAD Designing, Photography, Textiles, Drama, Music Extension, Food Technology.

Further detail about the educational program is available:

Sport and Arts at Middle School

Students in Middle School are offered an array of experiences within and in addition to the academic curriculum.

Middle School offers diverse co-curricular activities

Developing a sense of self is a core part of growing up. We offer activities that inspire original thinking, build identity and a sense of belonging.

Campus Life

Middle School students learn about our local indigenous environment by getting involved with tree planting activities.

They take part in community life alongside younger and older students. Year 6 students support our Preps through the buddy program.

And they get to enjoy all our fantastic music, arts and sports facilities. All from our wonderful campus for students from Prep- Year 12.

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