Head of Junior School

As we approach the end of Term 1, we reflect on the positive journey we have embarked upon together. It's been a term filled with growth, learning, and memorable moments. It has been great to see our students growing not just academically, but also as integral members of our school community.


Our prep students have settled into school life extremely well, learning new routines, making new friends and enjoying a range of learning experiences. The Reading Party proved to be a great success, offering parents insight into our evidence-based reading approach and empowering them to support fundamental reading skills at home. We look forward to witnessing our prep students reading skills blossom in the coming terms.

Year 1

Last Monday, our Year 1 students hosted a Grandparent Morning Assembly. It served as a beautiful occasion for grandparents to interact with the students, each sharing a cherished artifact. Throughout the morning, an array of wonderful stories and special moments unfolded, as grandparents imparted their wisdom and experiences. It was lovely to hear and see the conversations between generations.

Year 2

During Writer's Workshop in Year 2, students have been honing their skills in creating information posters. These posters, centred on Japan, reflect the facts and insights acquired through comprehension lessons about the country. To celebrate their wonderful work and efforts, Year 2 students were given the chance to present their posters to Year 1 peers, fostering a culture of sharing and cross-grade learning.

Year 3

Our Grade 3 students embarked on an educational journey to the Koala Sanctuary. It proved to be an enriching experience, offering them the chance to connect with nature and gain insights into the significance of wildlife conservation, all within the close vicinity of our school! Such outings provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences that complement classroom teachings. See below for Year 3 excursion photos.

Year 4

Our Year 4 students have been focusing on leadership this term. As seen at our Week 7 assembly, each student made a pledge to themselves and to our school, in a commitment to improving themselves and their contribution to their school. In addition to this, our school captains and vice-captains participated in an online student leadership course, run by the WELS School and IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads of Australia). This provided an opportunity for them to work with students from other independent schools, to learn about positive leadership skills such as listening, seeking to understand others and developing their own, unique leadership qualities. It was wonderful to listen to the thoughtful responses and meaningful conversations our captains contributed to on the day, as they considered how they could have a positive influence on our school.

Positive Behaviour Initiatives

Our dedicated classroom teachers have been implementing their own positive reinforcement systems, nurturing a supportive and encouraging environment within their classrooms. Additionally, our recent junior school-wide positive behaviour reward system was launched during our last assembly. Students have been awarded ‘Values Keys’ for exhibiting behaviours aligned with our school values. The class that accumulates the most ‘Values Keys’ will be honoured as the Values Class at each assembly. Each class has identified three distinct rewards they collectively aim to achieve. I eagerly anticipate seeing which grade will be the first to earn our esteemed Values Award at our upcoming Assembly.

Class Parent Representatives

We are actively seeking Class Parent Representatives. Thank you to the parents who have already volunteered. Our goal is to have each class appoint a representative as we enter Term 2. The role of a Class Parent Representative entails nurturing connections within our school community and coordinating relaxed social events to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. If you are interested in taking on this role for 2024, please reach out via email to Kylee Roby at and leave your contact details. Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to our school community.

Thank you to our students, parents, and staff for making Term 1 such a success. We wish all our families a safe and happy Easter break. May this Easter be filled with warmth, laughter, and happy moments.

Cath Huther

Head of Junior School

Junior School Athletics Day

Our Junior School Athletics Day was a great success! It was a day filled with camaraderie, sportsmanship, and competition. Our students displayed can-do attitudes, showcased their athleticism and above all, had a blast! We were incredibly proud of each and every participant. A special thanks to Matt Jackson for his organisation and management of our sporting events throughout the term. His dedication ensured the smooth and successful running of both our swimming and athletics programs.

Year 3 visit Koala Conservation Reserve and Bushbank Nursery

Exploring Koala Life Cycles: Year 3 students embarked on an educational adventure to the Koala Conservation Reserve and Bushbank Nursery, diving deep into the fascinating world of koalas for their science unit. They discovered intriguing facts about the koala life cycle and were thrilled to spot many of these iconic marsupials in their natural habitat.

Jaclyn Clark

Year 3 Classroom Teacher

Harmony Week

Harmony Week is the celebration that recognises our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

On 21 March our students and staff all wore a touch of orange to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.