Wellbeing Team Welcomes New Chaplain

Our Wellbeing Team is excited to announce the arrival of our new College Chaplain, Andre Whitton.

Andre arrived in Australia in 1965 as a ’10-pound Pom’ with his parents and siblings, speaking only French and Greek. He grew up and was schooled in Geelong before moving to Melbourne in 1976. Andre married Ruth, our much-valued middle school teacher, in 1986 and they moved to Red Cliffs with their children.

Andre was ordained as a minister in 1996 and served the local church for 20 years before becoming School Chaplain for two local high schools in 2015. Andre and Ruth moved to Phillip Island in 2021. Andre has continued working as a school Chaplain, finishing at Wonthaggi Primary School in 2023 and joining Newhaven College in 2024.

The College Chaplain supports the emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of students, staff and our community.