Donate your Bottles and Cans to Cancer Council

Our Year 12 Leadership selected Cancer Council as Newhaven College's charity for 2024. They're grateful for the generosity of our community so far. 

You can help with their fundraising by donating your bottles and cans by using the Newhaven Charity code when recycling. 

It's simple!

When you take your bottles and cans to the recycling depot in your neighbourhood, you can simply scan this barcode or key in the code below.

Thank you!

More information on the Container Deposit Scheme

Trauma Recovery

When children experience trauma, it profoundly disrupts their sense of safety and normalcy, manifesting in significant emotional and behavioural changes. Exposure to a traumatic event can cause young people to experience stress, anxiety, and potential trauma, particularly when the event receives ongoing media coverage. Parents observing their children struggle with trauma's aftermath often find the experience distressing. 

The impact of trauma is unpredictable, and therefore recovery timelines vary widely among young people. Depending on the age of the child, younger children may exhibit regressive behaviours, while older children often show signs of withdrawal and agitation. Parents and carers need to monitor what information their children are accessing and manage their exposure to help minimise emotional distress.

Understanding how trauma affects brain function can help in addressing the psychological aftermath. The brain stores traumatic events as powerful emotional memories, influencing behaviour through mechanisms beyond conscious awareness.

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