Join our walk for National Reconciliation - Now More Than Ever!

Newhaven College welcomes all parents and friends, as part of The Newhaven College Family, to join our students and staff as we make the Long Walk as part of reconciliation on Tuesday 28 May from 9.10am-10.10am.

Wednesday 15 May was National Families Day on The First Nations Calendar. The notion of family in Aboriginal culture is closely tied to themes of connectedness and kinship. Ultimately, family and kinship are a cohesive force that bind Aboriginal people together. With over 500 Indigenous nations across Australia, there exists a vast array of Aboriginal communities. These nations are often made up of clan groups, and within these clan groups are family groups that often share a kinship system and common language. 

On 21 November 2004 Michael Long decided that something needed to be done about the plight of his people. He embarked on an historic trek, walking from his home in the suburbs of Melbourne all the way to Parliament House in Canberra – more than 650 kilometres away to with meet with Prime Minister John Howard to discuss his concerns.

National Reconciliation Week commences on the anniversary of the 1967 referendum and ends on Mabo Day. It’s a time for people to reflect on reconciliation in Australia, “the restoration of friendly relations”.

The week is about non-Indigenous people taking responsibility for building stronger, more respectful relationships with First Nations communities. It’s about being better allies, by recognising First Nations people as the sovereign and original people of this place we call home.

The theme for this year’s Reconciliation Week is 'Now More Than Ever'!

Jo Savona

Year 1 Teacher

Donate your Bottles and Cans to Cancer Council

Our Year 12 Leadership selected Cancer Council as Newhaven College's charity for 2024. They're grateful for the generosity of our community so far. 

You can help with their fundraising by donating your bottles and cans by using the Newhaven Charity code when recycling. 

It's simple!

When you take your bottles and cans to the recycling depot in your neighbourhood, you can simply scan this barcode or key in the code below.

Thank you!

More information on the Container Deposit Scheme

Simon's Stair Climb

Our Year 6 Teacher, Mr. Furniss, is a volunteer firefighter with Phillip Island Brigade. To help him raise funds for the Peter Mac Cancer Foundation – he is participating

in the world-famous Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb. He will climb the 28 floors of the Crown Metropol wearing 25kgs of Breathing Apparatus and firefighter equipment! Help him reach his fund-raising goal of $1000 by giving him your empty bottles and cans! Mr. F has a Big Blue Bag in his classroom, and he will happily take all your recycling! Let’s get behind him!

Celebrating IDAHOBIT

We possess a profound ability to shape our children's attitudes and beliefs, embedding values of acceptance, inclusivity, and respect for all. 

The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), celebrated each year on May 17th, emphasises

the critical need to educate children about diversity and inclusivity. Inaugurated in 2004 by the World Health Organization, this day is a global call to promote tolerance and combat discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community.

Instilling respect and acceptance for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in children is crucial. Celebrating IDAHOBIT helps families communicate a strong stance against discrimination, highlighting the importance of diversity and the damaging effects of stereotypes and biases. These prejudices often arise from the media, societal interactions, and peer influences, necessitating proactive efforts from parents and caregivers to counteract and discuss these issues.

Creating inclusive environments supports diversity and plays a vital role in raising awareness and demonstrating solidarity with LGBTQIA+ students and community members. It is a commitment to creating a world free from prejudice and discrimination, instilling values of empathy, respect and inclusivity.

This Special Report will help you fostering acceptance, empowering young people to become compassionate and informed advocates for equality.

Read the Special Report

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