Head of Middle School

Term 2

Welcome back, everyone! As we begin the second term of the academic year, it's pleasing to witness the enthusiasm and energy from our students. The Middle School classrooms are once again bustling with laughter, chatter and the promise of new beginnings.

One of the hallmarks of the beginning of Term 2 has been the proactive approach of our students towards goal setting. Upon their return to school, students engaged in setting their goals for the term ahead. From academic aspirations to personal growth milestones, our students demonstrated a commendable commitment to charting their path to success.

A noticeable buzz filled the air as students tidied up and organised their lockers, readying themselves for the term's challenges and adventures.

In line with our commitment to fostering positive behaviour and a supportive school community, our House Mentors took the initiative to introduce Positive Behaviour Expectations to our students. Emphasising respect, responsibility and cooperation, these expectations serve as guiding principles for our interactions within the school community. By upholding these standards, we ensure a harmonious and inclusive environment for all.

Reflecting on the achievements of the previous term, it's essential that we uphold the standards we've set for ourselves, our students, and our relationships with you, the parents. Building on the successes of the past, we are committed to fostering strong partnerships and accountability as we navigate through the term ahead.

To kick off the term on a high note, we organised an exciting Amazing Race activity for our students during Home Group on the first day. Paired with a partner from the same House but a different year level, students embarked on a thrilling adventure to decode clues scattered across various areas of the school. Along the way, they also had the opportunity to learn more about their buddies, strengthening bonds and fostering camaraderie. Despite the rain, it was a fun and relaxed way of easing back into the rhythm of school life, setting the tone for the term ahead.


On Tuesday, 23 April, our extended Home Group time took on an ANZAC flavour as students delved into activities centered around this significant day. To pay respect to the sacrifices made by ANZAC soldiers, students crafted origami poppies, a poignant symbol of remembrance. Additionally, they watched a video titled "The History of ANZAC Day," looking into the origins and significance of this solemn occasion.

Following the video, students engaged in meaningful discussions about the qualities exemplified by ANZAC soldiers. Drawing parallels to our school values of Empathy, Excellence, Responsibility, Honesty and Respect, students explored how these virtues are displayed in both the past and present. Through insightful conversations, students reflected on how ANZAC soldiers embodied these values in their service to the nation.

A highlight of the session was when students took a creative approach in visualising the connection between school values and the spirit of ANZAC as they drew what each value represents to us today.

Ralph Arceo

Head of Middle School

Tea Cup Plants for Lifeblood

Late last year the 5D and 5S students raised around $185 in honour of the late Karen Pearce, to be donated to the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Ruth Whitton and myself helped students design, market and sell a product as part of our Business and Enterprise unit for Humanities.

Both 5D and 5S came up with plants in a teacup, with many of the cups, plants and materials donated. The students sold these plants to staff and students, raising well over the expected amount.

Shona O'Dempsey

Year 5 Teacher