Head of Middle School

Pyjama Day Fundraiser

Thank you to all students for your amazing support during our recent charity fundraising day! Your generosity helped raise an impressive $416.80, benefiting the Cancer Council. We were thrilled to see so many of you embrace the pyjama theme. Your contributions will go a long way in supporting cancer research and assistance for those in need. Your efforts truly made a difference, and we're proud of each of you. Let's continue to spread kindness and make a positive impact together! Go to the 'Senior School' section of this newsletter for photos! 

Foundation Day Assembly

The Foundation Day Assembly honoured Newhaven College's journey since 1980, recognising its growth and milestones. Students, parents and staff were celebrated for their contributions to the college's success. Mr. Scott, Head of Senior School and Vice Principal, highlighted the unique 'vibe' of Newhaven College, emphasising community and a variety of opportunities for students. The assembly provided a moment of reflection on the past achievements, the current successes and the future aspirations of Newhaven College. It reinforced the commitment to fostering a learning environment that nurtures holistic development and prepares students for the challenges and opportunities ahead. A full report of the event and photos can be found in the 'College News' section of this newsletter.

Middle School Safety Survey

Recently, we conducted a comprehensive safety survey in Middle School, reaffirming our commitment to nurturing the wellbeing and educational growth of our students. Our primary goal is to create a school environment where every student feels safe, valued and empowered to learn and grow.

The survey data revealed a crucial area that requires our attention: social and emotional learning. It is evident that fostering respectful relationships and positive attitudes among students is paramount for a healthy school culture.

Staff will explore the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships learning materials designed for teachers in primary and secondary schools to develop students’ social, emotional and positive relationship skills. Parents can also access the E-Safety resource to support their child's digital education at home. Parents | eSafety Commissioner.

As educators and caregivers, it's essential that we engage in open discussions with our students about the importance of demonstrating respect towards others, both in-person and online. We must empower them to confront and call out unacceptable behaviours and language, whether it be in the classroom, playground, outside of school or on social media platforms.

When these things do occur, we want to work with the students to improve their behaviour and truly understand their impact on others. Furthermore, we appreciate the support from parents in working with us and trusting our processes.

Students have the right to come to school feeling safe and happy, knowing that their voices will be heard, and their concerns addressed. By instilling a culture of respect and accountability, we can create a supportive environment conducive to learning and personal development.

Rest assured that we will follow up with individual students and their parents from the data collected.

Let's work together to build a school community where kindness, empathy and inclusivity thrive, paving the way for a brighter future for all our students

Ralph Arceo

Head of Middle School

Key Dates for Middle School

Tue 21 May - Middle School Assembly 

Thu 23 May - Year 3-6 Divisional Cross Country, Stony Creek 

Tue 28 May - Reconciliation Walk P-12, oval 

Fri 31 May - Year 5/6 District AFL, Girls Netball, Wonthaggi 

Mon 3 June - Year 5&6 Concert Band Showcase 

Fri 7 June - Student free day - Correction Day

Mon 10 June - King’s Birthday Public Holiday