I am writing this article the day before I depart with twelve students on Newhaven’s inaugural Cambodia service trip with  Projects Abroad. Whilst the trip will run during the school holidays it will be far from a vacation for those of us attending. Our itinerary is very busy, the main focus being teaching English in a school in Phnom Penh. For several months, the students attending have been preparing lesson plans and activities, as well as fundraising for resources for the school.

As an independent school we have the benefit of a three week break in the middle of the year. As a school, the break provides us with an opportunity to offer our students an immersion experience overseas. I am hoping this Cambodia service trip will be an experience we can offer our students in the future.

Seeing a family film these holidays?

The recent release of the Disney Pixar animated film Inside Out 2 has created much discussion in educational circles – most of it positive. Whilst the 2015 original film explored the emotions of a child through animated personification – this sequel depicts the rollercoaster of a teenager’s emotional journey. While there is always a risk in the simplification of complex and nuanced emotions and feelings – such as anxiety and depression – the film has been commended for bringing out into the open many of the social and personal challenges of adolescence that young people, and by association their parents, grapple with. It also rightly represents negative emotions as integral to growth and as normal experiences. If you and your children are looking for a film to see these holidays I would encourage you to consider taking them to Inside Out 2

Staff Farewells
With the end of semester we also farewell some valuable staff and thank them for their contribution to our school. I would personally like to recognise the efforts of Mr Jason Scott who is retiring after 15 years as Vice Principal and Head of Senior School. In my time as Principal at the College Jason has been an invaluable support and confidante. Mrs Barb Blair, who is currently on long service leave, has made the decision to finish her time at Newhaven after 23 years in multiple administrative roles including Music Secretary and Junior School Administration. Barb has been a loyal and committed staff member who will be missed by her many friends at the school. Finally, our Main Receptionist, Salome Rapson, is concluding her time. Salome has been a warm and friendly face of the school and is highly regarded by her many colleagues for her friendly demeanour and professionalism. I wish each of these departing staff the very best for the future.

I would like to thank all of our Newhaven families for their support during this semester. I hope you and your family enjoy the break and return rejuvenated for third term.

In Quietness and Confidence Shall Be Your Strength

Tony Corr