Vice Principal & Head of Senior School

Year 12 Leadership Inducted

At the College’s first all-school assembly, our Year 12 Leadership team was inducted by Principal Mr Tony Corr. Each student was welcomed on stage, and applauded by their fellow students, teachers and families. The four College Captains represented their cohort by hosting the assembly. A new initiative for 2024 was the introduction of ‘meet the people’. College Captain, Tahlia Williams explained “Meet the People involves students from the Year 12 leadership team shaking hands with the students from the year level the leadership team started in. This exciting addition intends to build on our community, friendships and connections between sub-schools at Newhaven College. 2024 has already been a whirlwind of different emotions, with feelings of both excitement and motivation for the new year ahead.”

The 2024 Year 12 Leadership Team consists of: College Captains - Alice Mabilia, Max Arceo, Tahlia Williams and Tom Bird; House Captains – Will Campbell, Becky Heffer, Sienna Michie, Jack Ryan (Bass), Daniel Caffieri, Neave Dunstan, Jade Ruffin, Leo Savona (Clarke), Ella Berry, Archer Herbert, Sonny McMillan, Sienna Steiner (McHaffie), Claire Banks, Heidi Driscoll, Finn Russell, Amelia White (Sambell); Sport – Harry Butcher, Lily Mewett; Drama – Jemima Aitken, Dean Lyle; Music – Liam Fuery, Jasmine Turton; Visual Arts – Chloe Harris, Philippa Thompson-Lord; Wellbeing – William Bar Bar, Georgia Reich; Social Justice – Tilia Peres-Anderson, Gabriel Winterson; Environment & Sustainability- Tahlia Lindley.

As part of the first All School Assembly, several high achievers from 2023 VCE were welcomed back and congratulated. Dux of College Tess Papas and proxime accessit Saffi Campbell Walker spoke passionately about their time at Newhaven College and what exciting adventures lay ahead.

SEISA Leadership Retreat

On Friday 9 February some of Newhaven College’s Year 12 Leadership Team attended the 2024 SEISA Leadership Retreat.

This is a chance for the leaders from all South Eastern Independent Schools Association (SEISA) Schools to come together to meet each other, share ideas and build networks to rely upon in 2024 and beyond. The retreat began with an IKEA Flat Pack challenge where it was clear that some bookcases were useful only for resting the lightest of feathers, whilst others were sturdy enough to actually hold a book or two. A highlight of the first day was a presentation by Mat Bowtell from Free 3D Hands. An interesting facet of Day Two was a presentation by Mrs Milkins-Hendry, using the Myers-Briggs test as a way to explore one’s personality and using everyone’s strengths to build great leadership teams.

Some student reflections about the camp:

"The retreat was a great way to make connections with students from other schools and to develop leadership skills not only for this year, but for life. Mat Bowtell the guest speaker was my highlight as he provided a genuine and modest talk about how a willingness to take risks and a want to help people has gotten him where he is today."

"I really enjoyed meeting the other House Captains from other schools, and hearing about the different things they do at Assemblies and with the junior students. I feel excited that we can bring those ideas back to Newhaven."

"The testing part of the second day was really fun. I learnt quite a bit about myself and others who I will be working closely with. I think that my team will work better together because we know each other’s strengths."

"Mat Bowtell’s presentation was a highlight for me. It reminded me that leaders choose their own path, and that service and giving outwardly can make for a great community. I liked spending time with the other Year 12 students, they had some different ideas that I’d really like to try in my House."

Sharon Paterson

Year 9 Races Out of the Gate in Term 1!

Term 1 has started with a bang in Year 9! Students were right in the thick of things on Day 1, with 9K taking an early lead in the race for Community Games Points. Throughout the rest of the year, they'll face off in competitions against other Year 9 Home Groups for the coveted Hiking Boot Trophy.

I've been incredibly impressed by the students' response to the challenges set so far, and their embrace of our Term 1 theme of Respect. While new home groups and teachers can make for a challenging start, this group has seized the opportunity of a fresh start in Year 9 and run with it. There's a real sense of anticipation around what they'll achieve this year.

Over the next few weeks, students will dive into community projects around the school and the wider Bass Coast area. They'll volunteer at nursing homes and community gardens, lend a hand at Newhaven College Junior School, and even help build our new College Mountain Bike Trail. Stay tuned for more information on that soon! This week alone, our students have tackled first-aid training, explored the geological wonders of Phillip Island, and learned how to craft impressive resumes. It's sure to be an action-packed term!

Important Reminders:

Mark your calendars for the City CITE Information Night! Join us on 21 February at 6:30 pm to learn all about the exciting City CITE program happening in Term 2. It's your chance to ask questions and get pumped for an amazing experience.

Reminder about Newhaven College hats:

Many students still need their official Newhaven College hats. To participate fully in all Year 9 program activities this year, please check with your students and make sure they have one. Hats are essential for ensuring everyone has a safe and inclusive experience.

See you at the Information Night! Let's make this a fantastic year in Year 9!

Sam Foura

Head of Year 9

Pigtails to Pigtails

Remembering where it all began, our Year 12 girls decided to wear pigtails to school for their first day of school. Just like they did when they were in Prep.

Year 12 is going to be an exciting year for this year's cohort!

Japan Tour 2024

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated cultural and educational exchange to Japan again this year. The experience includes students living with a local family for a week, studying at Ibaraki Christian Junior High School plus a bit of sightseeing.

The exchange is available to students in Year 10 and Year 11, with a maximum of 16 students participating. All students in Years 10 to 11 are welcome to apply, and they do not need to be studying Japanese.

Dates for the tour will be Saturday 14 September - Saturday 28 September.

If you're interested, please contact Ms Horiguchi via SEQTA.

Mitsuko Horiguchi

Japanese Exchange Program Coordinator


As Careers Practitioner, my role is to engage with students across the College in regards to all things careers. This involves working with students on an individual basis to research, discuss and plan career aspirations. Other aspects of my role include working with year level cohorts to facilitate specialised sessions on topics such as Resume Writing, Interview Techniques, Industry insights and Morrisby Profiling .

Year 12 students are supported with their post-school pathway and for many the completion of their higher education applications. The Careers team also connects a large number of students in Years 10-12 with work placement which provides valuable opportunities for students to prepare for the workforce.

I welcome the opportunity to work with students and families. Please contact me via SEQTA if I can be of assistance.

Anthea Bennet

Head of Careers