Vice Principal & Head of Senior School

As the Year 10 and 11 Examinations conclude, students are looking forward to the final three weeks of Semester One. It has been an exciting time, and this edition of the newsletter celebrates so many events and student achievements across Senior School. 

Gabriel Di Falco and Jason Scott

Congratulations to our Youth Parliament Bill who have finalised their Criminalising Coercive Control as a Stand-Alone Offence Bill 2024. They are now ready to present this Bill during the Youth Parliament sitting days on Monday 1, Tuesday 2 and Thursday 4 July. Students, parents and staff are welcome to attend the Victorian Parliament during this time to observe our team in action. Our team of Miranda Zalunardo, Keegan Hughes, Gabriel Winterson and Gabriel Di Falco has been identified as one of the strongest and best prepared of the 20 teams that have entered the competition. During the week-long program, they will be refuting another strong team from Ivanhoe Grammar. A very special congratulations to Gabriel Di Falco who was nominated and elected by his peers at the training weekend as Chamber Leader – a great honour and achievement!

Jason Scott 

Vice Principal and Head of Senior School

Projects Abroad Cambodia Service Trip 

Back: Nissa Campbell Walker, Lola Afford, Finlay Cameron, Sienna Bell, Oscar List, Fiona Smart- teacher Front: Eve Oakley, Tilly Stecher, Matilda Abraham-Williams, Grace McCrimmon (not present- Kadek Humphris, Lachie Paterson, Matilda Feehan)

Twelve students from Years 10 and 11 are excitedly preparing for their service trip to Cambodia over the upcoming school holiday period. Students will be volunteering in a Cambodian school where they will teach classes each day to help improve the English language skills of the Cambodian children.

As part of the trip, the group will also have the chance to learn about Cambodian culture, visit temples and significant sites and enjoy the local cuisine. This is Newhaven’s first trip partnering with Projects Abroad and will provide the opportunity for those participating to offer support to a developing community with far fewer resources than we have in Australia.

The group have been fundraising at school by selling sausages at sporting events as well as a "Guess How Many Lollies are in the Jar" competition. With this money, it is hoped to purchase much needed resources and supplies for the Cambodian school and students.

The students will be accompanied by Fiona Smart and Principal Tony Corr.

Fiona Smart

Project Support Teacher

Year 11 & 12 Careers Seminar

Our students are approaching a future with more career diversity than ever before. As part of our annual Careers Seminar, Year 11 & 12 students had the opportunity to hear from a group of highly experienced individuals from a diverse range of fields. The purpose of the afternoon was to showcase a range of industry speakers highlighting their career journey, education and training requirements, and career challenges.

We thank our Newhaven College community members who shared their passion and insights with students.

Dan Courtney – MDC Building Group

Trish Briggs – Business Corporate Sector: Head of Community – Target & Kmart

Dr Jo Hatch – Clinical (Child) Psychology & Social Work

Daniel Morse – Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Amy McHenry – Paramedic Ambulance Victoria

Catherine Basterfield – CEO Phillip Island Nature Parks

Anthea Bennett

Head of Careers

Halfway point for Year 12

This morning, the Senior School House Leaders put on a morning tea for our Year 12s. 

It was a welcome chance to relax and get together after a busy and stressful few weeks of SACS and assessment. As the final SACS are completed, our Year 12s are half way through their final year of schooling.

It was a fun morning with lots of laughs, enthusiasm and a welcome reprieve before the English SAC later today. A big thank you to Sambell House Leader Cam Pederson who organized the catering.

Senior School House Leaders

Road Safety & Schools - Year 11 RYDA Workshop

Road safety is a significant health, safety and wellbeing issue. On 21 June our Year 11 students will be participating in a RYDA Workshop. 

Professionally developed by Road Safety Education Limited, RYDA is essential education for young drivers and their passengers at just the right time in their lives. The Workshop features a series of practical and powerful sessions that challenge students and lay the foundation for safe road use throughout their lives. 

Facilitators work with students to develop and practise personalised strategies and life skills which will help them respond positively to challenges on the road, both as drivers and highly influential passengers.

For more information click here.

Year 9 City Cite

Making a Difference in the City

Year 9 students recently completed an impactful 8-day program at City Cite in Melbourne's CBD. Their time was filled with diverse experiences, from gaining insights into the justice system at the Magistrates Court (including a meeting with the Chief Magistrate) to witnessing government firsthand at Parliament House, where they even had the opportunity to chat with our local MP Jordan Crugnale during a break. Students also conquered their fears with a thrilling visit to the Eureka Skydeck.

But City Cite went beyond just sightseeing. It provided students with valuable opportunities to make a real difference. Visits to The Big Issue and talks from diverse guest speakers broadened their understanding of community issues and social responsibility. A true highlight was their work in the FareShare kitchens, where they played a crucial role in creating 2,500 ready-made meals and preparing ingredients for thousands more. This hard work will ensure nutritious food reaches those in need.

Sharing Learning and Looking Ahead

Students showcased their City Cite experiences with engaging presentations back at school. The winning presentation from each home group impressed a panel of judges, with 9K ultimately taking home the community games points in a close competition.

Year 9 is far from finished! In the coming weeks, students will dive into new community projects. They'll be visiting Grossard Court Aged Care, participating in the Cows Create Careers program, contributing to further mountain bike trail building, and offering their tutoring skills to the junior school.

On June 18th, the excitement continues with a trip to Korumburra for the Year 9 Careers Expo. Term 2 wraps up with a celebration of school spirit through Community Games and House Singing.

Sam Foura

Head of Year 9

CUC Bass Coast visit Year 9

Newhaven College was the first cab off the rank with the Country Universities Centre (CUC) 'Future Bound' program for Bass Coast Secondary Colleges. The program aims to demystify University, start career conversations with current CUC students and help Year 9 students to start thinking about their post-secondary school aspirations and funded as part of the Regional Partnerships Project Pool (RPPPP). 

For more information about CUC Bass Coast, visit the website.

One Stoplight Town 

Our VCE Theatre Studies performed a short play last Friday night in the Black Box Theatre. The play was One Stoplight Town by Tracy Wells. The students each took on two production roles drawn from Acting, Directing, Costume Design, Sound Design, Make-up design, Set Design, Props Design, Lighting Design as part of meeting course requirements. 

The class acted as a mini theatre company and navigated the challenges of creative differences, tight timelines and resource management. The team worked collaboratively and committed to producing an entertaining short play drawing on the themes of the cycles of life as lived in a small town. 

Congratulations to all involved.

Careers Newsletter

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Anthea Bennett

Head of Careers