Making Progress Visible: Reporting Changes in 2024

In 2023 a group of staff drawn from all sub-schools were part of a strategic innovation project to create assessment and reporting procedures which have increased clarity and focus on growth. The team also looked to improve opportunities for students to formally self assess both their progress towards becoming an independent learner and the story of their effort over time.

Within the Hearts & Minds Strategic Intent there were two highly relevant aspirations to this project: One under the Learning Key and the other under the Innovation Key.

  • Providing a personalised approach to learning, enabling every student to flourish.
  • Adopting innovative and evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching excellence.

Innovative reporting practices focus on making progress visible and creating a clear and comprehensive picture of a student’s learning journey. In this way we provide an environment where a more personal approach to learning is accessible and visible.

Engaging with feedback is one of the key elements of the Learning Ambition framework. A standards referenced system of reporting and the creation of proficiency scales for mastering learning targets provides a platform for highly targeted and effective feedback which can be enacted and tracked.

Real-time reporting practices through SEQTA provide an accurate and meaningful picture of a student’s strengths and areas for improvement sit at the core of our delivery, which will support teachers to target their instruction more effectively. The team also focused on introducing systems, policies and procedures for re-taking assessment as part of showing students that targeted effort increases achievement.

In 2024 we are pleased to introduce phase one of our new reporting system into the Junior and Middle Schools. The formal report which will be released in Week Eleven of Term Two will show the current standard of skills and knowledge displayed by your child across a variety of learning areas via a plain dot on a continuum. Newhaven College implements the Australian Curriculum, assessing against the achievement standards outlined for each Year Level.

In Years 5-8 there will also be a section where students have self-assessed their learning behaviours in each of their classes. This will sit side by side with the teacher assessment of the same behaviours.

Our main aim

The creation of Learning Partnerships sits at the heart of all we do. We aim for our continuous feedback to ensure that knowledge is shared, discussed and acted upon by students, teachers and families. Our new reporting system will enable progress to be visibly tracked, widely known and easily understood.

Thank you to the project team: Linda Austin, Shona O’Dempsey, Louise Larcombe, Corinne Phillips and Elaine Epifano.

Karen Milkins-Hendry

Director of Learning

Newhaven College's new Chaplain 

As I watched Finding Nemo on TV the other night, I couldn’t help but feel empathy for Marlin and Dory as they found themselves out of water, floundering (excuse the pun) on a jetty somewhere in Sydney harbour and confronted with a situation which to them must have been terrifying as they looked certain death in the eye.

My wife Ruth and I moved to Cowes from Red Cliffs in NW Victoria about 3 years ago. We had been living in Red Cliffs for 31 years and raised our 6 children there, we both felt the same, this chapter of our lives was ending, the next chapter was about to begin. Ruth had lived in this area as a child and had attended Newhaven College in its first year. Moving to Cowes, for her, was like coming home. She has been teaching at Newhaven now for over 2 years.

Having worked in pastoral care for around 30 years, and as a school Chaplain for the last 9 years, I really wanted to continue in the work I love. When the opportunity presented itself to fill the role of Chaplain at Newhaven College at the start of 2024, I didn’t hesitate.

On Sunday 2 June, I was commissioned at a service at St John’s Uniting Church, Cowes, as Chaplain of Newhaven College. I felt honoured as members of the school leadership and student body participated in the ceremony.

Why the reference to Finding Nemo? Well, like most new jobs, feeling like a fish out of water is certainly part of it. The “looking certain death in the eye”, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it can be a bit scary. The acceptance, warmth and friendship I have experienced in the short time I have been at Newhaven College has helped to make me feel at home. I can honestly say that I no longer feel like a fish out of water, but like a fish in an amazing environment which I am enjoying exploring as I get to know more of our incredible students, parents and staff day by day.

Andre Whitton


Walk for Reconciliation

National Reconciliation Week was 27 May - 3 June. At its heart, reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians. The National Reconciliation Week 2024 theme is ‘Now More Than Ever’.

At Newhaven College Reconciliation Week has been recognised by a number of events throughout the school including assembly items, pledges and activities. This was highlighted by our whole school joining together on the Long Walk this morning as a sign of support and solidarity for the reconciliation movement. Year 8 student, River Hume a Boonwurrung of the Yallock-Bullock clan, welcomed everyone to Country before the walk commenced.

This year’s theme of ‘Now More Than Ever’ is a reminder to all Australians that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of First Nations peoples will, and must, continue. It encourages us to question ourselves and to reflect on our actions and our words to ensure we are using our voices for truth-telling and building strong communities.

We thank all the students, staff and parents who came along. 

IDAHOBIT Celebrations

On Friday 17 May the Rainbow Haven Club celebrated IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) Day and took the opportunity to raise over $400 for Minus 18 with a sausage sizzle and bake sale. Minus 18 is an incredible organisation working with young LGBTQIA+ people to build awareness, provide training workshops and life-affirming programs.

Go to the Minus 18 website for more information.

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day.

Student Teacher Study Tour

A strategic workforce planning initiative in partnership with Ecumenical Schools Australia (ESE) and Leisa Lomax, Human Resources Manager provided an opportunity to showcase Newhaven College to 13 students from Melbourne University undertaking a study tour while completing their third or final year Bachelor of Education. This authentic experience leads the way for potential student placements, potential teaching careers at Newhaven College and to spread the word that Newhaven College is a great place for your Teaching career.

The students met with Tony Corr, Principal and the College Leadership Team. The students had a College tour, interacted with our students and teachers in action and had a guided tour with Leisa Lomax of our beautiful landscape and local area where our College resides, showcasing our Bass Coast, at the Nobbies Centre. 

The students commented that Newhaven College was an authentic and valuable experience and a highlight before travelling back to Melbourne.

Leisa Lomax

Human Resources Manager

Melbourne University Education Students at The Nobbies

From Student to Teacher  

Newhaven College 2019 alum, Luke Nicholson, has progressed from student to teacher in only a few years. Luke is a first-year teacher, fresh out of university. He formally graduated on Thursday 16 May from Monash University with a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education. His degree took 4 years, including the writing of a research paper and the completion of 80 placement days. At the moment, he predominantly teaches Year 9 Mathematics and Science as well as Year 11 Chemistry. After a quick conversation with Luke, he describes the ample support he has received by all Newhaven College staff and he thanks them all for their continued guidance. 

At the ripe age of 23, Luke is our youngest teacher employed at Newhaven College. His approachable nature means students of all ages feel comfortable when speaking to him. He looks forward to developing into the best teacher he can possibly be.

Parents and Friends Association Report

MTB parents Caroline Wright, Michael Wright and Eve Hollole receive PFA cheque for $1000 from PFA Treasurer, Kay Kondarios

Along with the rest of the school, the PFA are excited about the opportunities the new MTB Pump Track presents to our students and the wider community. On behalf of the PFA, Kay Kondarios, PFA Treasurer, presented a $1,000 cheque to the MTB club to put towards bike trailer for students to attend excursions and camps. 

School Fete

The school fete is one of the main PFA-led events in the school calendar and will be held this year, on 8 November 2024. We are on the lookout for community members that can help coordinate (with the support of the PFA) a craft and plant stall. If you would like to help, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Second hand uniforms

Do you have school uniforms that your children have outgrown? This year, we will have a second hand uniform stall at our school fete and we invite donations to the stall. Any donations may be left at reception or alternately, please email the PFA for collection.

Parents and Friends Association Facebook Group

The PFA have started a new Facebook group: Newhaven College Parents and Friends Association | Facebook

This group is for sharing general school updates, PFA led event information, sports and extra-curricular activities of interest to students and for giving shout-outs to people and businesses in the community that have supported our events. Feel free to join our group to be kept up to date!


If you have any questions or would like to register your details to volunteer at future events, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Angel Chambers

President | Parents and Friends Association

Come along and join the fun for a good cause...

Year 12 Leadership invite the whole school community to come along for a fun night of trivia, prizes and a silent auction to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Get a group of 8 together and join in the fun. BYO food, with soft drinks available to purchase. This is a non-alcohol event.

Bookings open now