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From the Principal


Open Day Saturday 16 March 

Our annual College Open Day continues to be one of the highlights of the school year as we open the gates to show anyone who is interested what a wonderful school we have.

The Open Day is much more than just an opportunity for prospective families to visit. It also provides a day where our current families can explore the spaces, activities and facilities our students engage in each day. It is a chance to visit your child’s school in action. And that is what we want to show on Open Day – Newhaven in action. So whilst demonstrations and brochures are lovely, there is nothing better than seeing our students being active. And there will be a lot for them to do. So whilst many students have volunteered to participate on the day all of our students are most welcome and it would be wonderful to have them in attendance.

Our Open Day continues to evolve. Last year we moved the day from May to March with great success as the warmer weather and earlier time slot significantly increased our attendance. Amongst the recent additions to Open Day are equestrian displays, trade skills activities, musical and drama items, as well as lots of activities in our sporting precinct. This is in addition to the classroom activities that are taking place throughout the school. Our alumni reunions and Parents & Friends events are just some of the other activities on the day.

New Pump Track for our Mountain Bike Academy

This year we have continued to add to the activities at Open Day. One of the exciting initiatives is the presence of our Mountain Bike Group. They are currently working hard on the first part of our mountain bike trail which will be a 250-metre pump track ready for Open Day. The Mountain Bike Group will be gathering for a sausage sizzle and working bee on our new track – as well as a few fun demonstrations. So if you or your children are interested in knowing more about one of Australia’s fastest growing sports and our newly established Mountain Bike Academy at Newhaven, please pay them a visit.

Finally, to see all of our facilities being utilised on the day we will be hosting practice games between Inverloch-Kongwak and Traralgon in footy and netball. Our sporting grounds and facilities are first class so it will be great to see them being used.

I would encourage all of our current families to come along on Open Day – even for a short time. And maybe bring a neighbour, a relative or a friend with you.

College Charity 2024

Our Year 12 student leadership team have announced that the Cancer Council will be our College Charity for 2024. The charity was chosen after careful deliberation from our student leaders and is a most appropriate cause for our school to support. The Cancer Council is a charity that works across every area of cancer, from research to prevention to support. The student leaders have a range of fundraising initiatives planned throughout the year that I am sure all of our students and families will support.

Thanks to Greg Harrison

My sincere thanks to Mr Greg Harrison who concluded his time on the College Board this month. Greg has been a generous and thoughtful contributor in his time on the Board. As a past student and Newhaven parent he has a great passion for the College, its community and the success of the school. Greg’s experience in planning and management was a valuable addition to the Board’s deliberations and decision making. We thank Greg for his contribution and wish him all the best for the future.

In Quietness and Confidence Shall Be Your Strength

Tony Corr


College News

Open Day - Saturday 16 March

We are looking forward to hosting another Newhaven College Open Day on Saturday 16 March, 10am-2pm.

Please share with anyone who might be interested or bring them along! There will be lots of things to see and do on the day, including Equestrian demonstrations, MTB Bikers showing off their skills, footy on the oval, science experiments with Mr T!

We recommend booking a College Tour on the day:

Become a Tour Guide!

Running tours on Open Day is an incredible experience for students (a great addition to your resume!). Any students who would like to be tour guides are encouraged to contact their Heads of School.

Alumni Reunions 2024

Are you part of the Newhaven College alumni groups for 1984, 1994, 2004, 2014 or 2019?

If so, be sure to come along to our upcoming alumni reunions to be held during the College Open Day, Saturday 16 March from 10am. Reach out to friends from your year level and invite them along too!

We will be meeting at the pavilion for morning tea, followed by a guided tour around campus.

Be sure to book for your year and SHARE this post with your fellow students!


New Tooradin Bus Route for Newhaven College

Newhaven College has extended its travel service to include bus transportation from Tooradin via Grantville.

Principal Tony Corr says “As a school, we have always had strong support from families in Tooradin and surrounds. Until recently students were travelling independently to Lang Lang where they caught the school bus. We are so pleased we can offer this service to those families who have chosen a Newhaven education for their children. For many years the values of Newhaven College have aligned with families in this region. We are pleased that we can make access to our school easier for all those who live in the Tooradin area”.

Parent Rosey Cockerill is thrilled with the new service, "everyone is so grateful and happy with the bus service. The driver is lovely and having the bus close to home is just amazing!"

Check out all bus time tables on our website.

Turning Left Only at Peak Times

We thank our community for following the Turn Left Only signs during peak times in the morning and afternoon. Can we please remind everyone to follow the

timings to ensure everyone, including buses, are able to arrive/ leave in a timely manner. The timings have been slightly changed to ensure easy flow of traffic.

Morning: 8.45am - 9.00am

Afternoon: 3.20pm - 3.40pm

For safety reasons, please turn around at the Back Beach Rd roundabout, U turns along Phillip Island Rd are not safe.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents and Friends Association Report

It's been a busy start to the year for the PFA as we begin to plan and confirm various activities for the year ahead!

New Committee Members

We are excited to welcome two new committee members to the PFA, Chantelle Manallack and Jo Vohland!

If you would also like to join, feel free to reach out to us or just attend our next meeting on Friday, 22 March at 2pm in the school's boardroom. If you are unable to attend in person, we can provide you with a Teams link.

Newhaven College Open Day

The PFA is excited to help cater Newhaven College's Open Day on Saturday, 16 March 2024. With BBQs, fairy floss, popcorn and snow cones on offer. We need your help! If you'd like to volunteer your time at one of our stalls, please sign up.

Parents and Friends Association Facebook Group

The PFA has started a new Facebook group: Newhaven College Parents and Friends Association | Facebook

This group will be for sharing general school updates, PFA led event information and for giving shout-outs to people and businesses in the community that have supported our events. We look forward to seeing you join our group!

Questions? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at newhaven.pfa@gmail.com

Angel Chambers

President | Parents and Friends Association

PFA 2024: L-R Mr Tony Corr, Jenni Lewandowski, Chantelle Manallack, Kay Kondarios, Lisa Confoy, Angel Chambers, Katrina Lawrence (PA to Principal), Jo Vohland

Japanese Conversation Report

We are looking for Japanese Language Conversation support for our students studying Japanese language.

If anyone in our Community has these skills and can provide support for our VCE students they can contact Mrs Mitsuko Horiguchi at Mitsuko.horiguchi@newhavencol.vic.edu.au

Thank you

We love our teachers!

Newhaven College's teachers are passionate about their work and their students. The strong connection created between teachers and students significantly

contributes to a positive and effective learning environment.

Nominations are open for the 2024 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards, designed to celebrate great

teachers who are making a transformative impact on children and young people.

If you love your teacher/child's teacher, be sure to nominate them!

Nominate here

Junior School

Head of Junior School

It's hard to believe we are at the tail end of Term 1, and we're thrilled to share the positive updates from our Junior School:

Settling Into 2024

It has been delightful to observe and get to know students both inside and outside the classroom. Our primary focus in the Junior School has been setting high expectations for all, along with implementing positive reinforcement systems. We have established routines and learning approaches rooted in the science of learning. Additionally, our continuous reporting on how your child has settled into the 2024 school year was shared via SEQTA in Week 4.

DIBELS Assessment

This signifies our initial year of assessment using DIBELS, with a specific focus on fundamental reading skills. DIBELS evaluates crucial literacy skills, ensuring a comprehensive assessment from Prep to Year 8. Continuous reporting for Junior School students in Grade 1 to Grade 4, detailing your child's progress in the areas of phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension, will be available via SEQTA next week.

Junior School Curriculum Evening

Our recent Junior School Curriculum Evening saw a fantastic turnout. Thanks to all families for supporting our commitment to building strong partnerships from school to home. We emphasised the importance of students showcasing and embedding classroom learning skills at home.

NAPLAN Schedule for Year 3 Students

  • Wednesday, 13 March: Writing
  • Thursday, 14 March: Reading
  • Monday, 18 March: Conventions of language (spelling, grammar, and punctuation)
  • Tuesday, 19 March: Numeracy
  • Friday, 22nd March: NAPLAN catch-up session for those who require it.

Prep Reading Party

Our Prep students are eagerly anticipating their Reading Party on Monday, 18th March. Each student will be presented with their reading folder, and one family member is invited to join us to learn more about 'The Science of Reading.' This session aims to celebrate and inform families about their child's reading journey and emphasises the crucial partnerships between what has been taught at school and how this can be extended upon at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support, contributing to the excitement and success of our Junior School journey in Term 1!

Cath Huther

Head of Junior School

Junior School Student Leadership

Last week, our first Assembly celebrated the induction of our Junior School Leaders. A special mention was made to emphasise that all Grade 4 Newhaven College students are regarded as leaders within the school community. They serve as role models, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing them showcase qualities that bring pride to the Junior School and, more significantly, to themselves.

The Junior School Leadership for 2023 are:

Captains – Chloe Shapardon, Edward Lee

Vice Captains – Eden Hallas, Leith Cameron

House Captains – Cooper Bennett, Sage van der Walt (Bass), Ava Mannix, Sam Martindale (Clarke), Rose Deery, Jude Foster (McHaffie), Olivia Clark, Evelyn McCabe (Sambell)

Wellbeing Captains - Evie Felstead, Ava Kelly, Charli Pope and Billy Vecino

We look forward to seeing these students lead and represent their peers throughout 2024.

Cath Huther

Head of Junior School

Preps meet the Principal

Every year our newest and youngest students pop over to the Administration building to meet our Principal, Mr Tony Corr, in his office. They have a chat about what they love about school and get to know their Principal. To finish off the visit, Mr Corr's PA, Ms Katrina Lawrence, has a bit of fun providing the Preps with a sugar hit... jelly snakes!

It has been wonderful to see all our Preps settling into school so well.

Middle School

Head of Middle School

Vertical House Grouping in Middle School

In the busy Middle School, where students navigate the complexities of adolescence, fostering a sense of community and belonging is paramount. Among the various strategies employed to achieve this, Vertical House Grouping stands out as an effective tool in promoting unity and camaraderie within the school environment. As demonstrated by recent events at our school, such as the House Dodgeball Competition and Round Robin activities organised by Middle School House Captains, this approach cultivates meaningful connections and friendships across different year levels, enriching the educational experience for all involved.

The House Dodgeball Competition held on Tuesday, 27th February, was more than just a sporting event. Bringing together students from various year levels, the competition provided an excellent platform for interaction beyond the confines of classrooms. As students cheered for their respective Houses, they found themselves forging bonds with peers they might not have otherwise crossed paths with. This intermingling of different age groups not only breaks down social barriers but also promotes inclusivity and empathy, essential qualities in a diverse and interconnected world.

Furthermore, the House Dodgeball Competition showcased the power of teamwork and collective spirit. Students learned to strategise, communicate effectively, and support one another, regardless of their age and differences. These valuable lessons extend far beyond the confines of the gym, preparing students for future endeavors where collaboration is key to success. For the record, McHaffie AB won, defeating Sambell CD.

Following the success of the House Dodgeball Competition, Middle School House Captains took the initiative to organise Round Robin activities during extended Home Group time on Tuesday, 5th March. These activities, ranging from Silent Ball to Just Dance, provided students with opportunities for light-hearted fun and camaraderie. By participating in these activities, students not only strengthened their bonds with their housemates but also developed essential social skills such as teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship.

Moreover, the Round Robin activities facilitated meaningful interactions between students of different ages, fostering mentorship and peer support. Younger students looked up to their older counterparts as role models, while older students took on leadership roles, guiding and encouraging the younger peers. In this way, Vertical House Grouping creates a nurturing environment where students feel valued and supported by their peers, irrespective of their age or grade level.

As educators, it is imperative that we continue to plan initiatives that foster meaningful connections and empower students to thrive in a collaborative environment. Through Vertical House Grouping, we can create a school culture where every student feels a sense of belonging and is inspired to reach their full potential.

Student Attendance

Research has shown that your child's regular attendance may be the greatest factor influencing his/her academic success. Daily attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally:

· School participation maximises life opportunities for children and young people by providing them with education and support networks.

· School helps children to develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them up for further learning and participation in their community.

· School helps them to make the most of life opportunities.

If your child is absent, please send a Direqt Message to ABSENCES with the reason.

Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix

I am pleased to introduce an important initiative that has been developed in collaboration with Mr. Jason Scott, Head of Senior School, and Mrs. Cath Huther, Head of Junior School: The Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix. This comprehensive framework aims to establish and uphold positive behaviour expectations across all facets of our school community, aligning closely with our core values of respect, empathy, honesty, excellence, and responsibility.

Our primary goal with the Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix is to ensure that every student understands and adheres to appropriate behaviour standards in various settings within the school environment. Whether it's in the classroom, while using ICT, in shared spaces, outdoors, in the canteen, or even on the bus, we expect students to demonstrate behaviours that reflect our school's values and contribute to a harmonious and conducive learning atmosphere.

School Camps

Overall, school camps offer a holistic learning experience that goes beyond the confines of the classroom, helping students develop important life skills, build meaningful relationships, and cultivate a sense of belonging and connectedness to their school community. This week, Year 7 attended a four-day camp at Lyrebird Park and next week Year 5 will attend a three day camp at Sovereign Hill.

Calendar Dates

Labour Day Public Holiday Monday 11 March

Year 5 Camp Sovereign Hill Wed 13 – Fri 15 March

Year 5 NAPLAN Writing Wednesday 13 March

NAPLAN Testing Window 15 – 27 March

Ralph Arceo

Head of Middle School

First MTB Classes for Years 5 & 6

Our Year 5 & 6s enjoyed their first Mountain Biking classes last week. It was so much fun for students learning new skills and embracing their adventurous sides. Classes will be expanded across the school over the year.

Come to the Open Day on Saturday 16 March for mountain biking MTB demonstrations!

Year 6 Marble Run Fun!

Our Year 6 students STEM classes made a fun diversion last week when they created Marble Runs out of old toilet paper tubes, egg cartons and any other tubular 'found objects'.

The aim of the class is to deepen students' understanding of gravity, motion, and simple machines. They got to apply advanced concepts in design and construction by creating a Marble Run Machine using cardboard toilet tubes and egg boxes. Students collaborated effectively in teams, enhancing critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

Shona O'Dempsey and Simon Furniss

Year 6 Teachers

Senior School

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School

Cancer Council Fundraising

The Year 12 leadership team is very pleased to announce that this year, Newhaven College will be fundraising to support the Cancer Council. We are excited to be supporting a charity that does such important work including Cancer research, treatment, and supporting families affected by Cancer. We also feel that the Charity is

a great fit for our school community, and that in partnership we can work to maximise our fundraising efforts as a school this year. 

Here's the link to our online fundraising page. We'd love your support!

Max, Alice, Tahlia and Tom

Year 12 Captains

Wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Research

Rather than the usual blue of the College uniform, last Wednesday Newhaven turned ‘Pink’ for our first out-of-uniform day. Pink hair. Pink PJs, Pink clothes – the uptake and participation across all sub-schools was heart-warming. Senior School Bass House students baked and ran a Cake Stall that was over-run by our Junior School students. The day raised over $1500 with gold coin donations, the bake sale and generous donations via the QR Code from our College and Parent Community. We look forward to the next day in May.

One of our school captains Alice Mabilia spoke about the success of the day, "We are so happy everyone got involved today and dressed up in pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer! Our main fundraiser, a bake sale was a great success as we were sold out within the first 10 minutes. A special thank you to our year 12 Bass students for baking the delicious cupcakes. We can't wait for our next fundraising day, to raise more money and awareness for our charity, Cancer Council!"

Sharon Paterson

Year 12 Teacher and Bass House Mentor

Year 9 Term 1 Wrap Up!

Year 9 has gotten off to a fantastic start! Despite the busy term, our students have been diving into their studies with enthusiasm and making some great connections along the way.

Huge congratulations to our new class captains for each year group:

  • 9A: George Mackenzie and Piper O'Brien
  • 9G: Kai Cashman and Ania Falzon
  • 9K: Georgia Slidders and Scarlette Jongejan
  • 9N: Harry Bently and Aisha Hibbert

We know these dedicated leaders will represent their classmates well and contribute to a strong sense of community throughout the year.

Year 9 students have hit the ground running with their Community Projects! They've been actively involved in giving back, with some volunteering at Aged Care Centres, assisting the younger students in the Junior School, and tackling environmental projects like weed removal along our coastline. Others have been instrumental in building the new Mountain Bike Facilities, showcasing their teamwork and dedication. We can't wait to see the incredible impact of their hard work!

Year 9 Uniform

Thank you to all the parents and students who have been supporting the school uniform. The season will be changing soon and many of our students do not have the required Fleece Jumper or recommended long pants that is required for our chilly winter months. During the holiday break can I encourage all students to be prepared for the upcoming winter weather and purchase the required pieces of uniform.


A reminder to all parents that the City CITE Transport and Accommodation and consent document are due to be returned by Friday 19 April. The students are starting to get very excited about the program.

Sam Foura

Head of Year 9

Year 9 Community Projects

As part of the Year 9 community program, some of our Year 9 students have been assisting in class, with students sharing their reading skills.

Some Year 9 students have been rolling up their sleeves and helping to keep our beaches clean, and others are helping with building the fabulous MTB track around the college grounds.

The satisfaction in doing good work and the skills learned from participating in Year 9 Community Projects is an essential part of the Year 9 holistic experience.

Year 11 Outdoor Environmental Studies Mount Buller Trip

The Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies classes just wrapped up an epic adventure at Mount Buller! They hit the trails on mountain bikes, explored ecosystems on foot, and learned how humans interact with the mountain environment. Students even discovered how the resort keeps things sustainable and safe for summer activities! It was a whirlwind week of fresh air, learning, and adventure. Students will return to Mount Buller in Winter to look at the differences fingers are crossed that there is some snow on the ground for some skiing adventures.

Mr Foura and Ms Sidebottom

Year 12 Visual Communication Design Excursion

On Friday 22 March the Year 12 Visual Communication Design students went on an excursion to the MPavillion in the CBD, which is Australia's leading Architecture commission. The students had the opportunity to engage with the architecture via a talk, discussion and visitation and then respond to this experience by creating their own concepts for a Pavillion that they shared with the group. This was given as an introduction to their SAT folio work which asks them to select one client and come up with 2 final design solutions.

Webinar on CONSENT

On Thursday 2 May we are offering Year 7-12 parents the opportunity to participate in an online seminar on Consent.

Partnering with Elephant Ed, we share an aim to create a world in which every person is empowered with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make conscious, healthy and respectful choices about relationships and sexuality. Among other topics, the seminar will cover:

  • Statistics and prevalence of sexual assault
  • Legalities surrounding consent
  • Avenues to seek help
  • Strategies to start the conversation at home

A link to the online seminar has been sent out via SEQTA message to all Year 7-12 parents earlier this week.

Please note that the seminar will not be recorded so parents will need to attend on the night.

You are required to register in advance for this webinar.

Your link to register for the Webinar is HERE

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We look forward to seeing you online!

Running Shoes for Africa

Following 2019 alumni James Mercer's callout for running shoe donations at a Senior School assembly recently, students and families eagerly donated dozens of pairs of 'retired' running shoes.

On Friday, 22nd March, James' mother, Tracey Mercer, arrived to collect the donated shoes on behalf of her son. Tracey shared with us the remarkable news that James was personally taking over 100 kilos worth of shoes to Africa this week and any surplus shoes would accompany James on his upcoming trip to Kenya in June, where he will be running a boot camp.

Tracey Mercer emphasised that the shoes collected by Newhaven College would not only benefit running clubs but would also be distributed to children who walk barefoot to school, sometimes traversing over 10 kilometres. The impact of such donations goes far beyond the mere provision of footwear; it represents a lifeline for those in need, offering comfort, protection, and hope for a better future.

Tracey expressed her gratitude on behalf of James and herself, emphasising how overwhelming the support from Newhaven College has been. She also extended her appreciation to local sports stores whose generous donations further bolstered their efforts.

Careers Newsletter

Please be sure to check out this month's Career News 

Key highlights include:

  • Early Entry
  • Guaranteed ATAR
  • Open Days
  • Key Dates

Anthea Bennett

Head of Careers


2025 Year 7 Academic Scholarships

Applications are open for Newhaven College Academic Scholarships for students entering Year 7 in 2025. Tests will be held at the College on Saturday 23 March 2024.

Apply Here

Applications close Friday 15 March 2024.

Visual & Performing Arts

AMEB Certificates Awarded

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) offers graded examinations for a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, singing and speech, from beginner through to higher grades and on to diploma level.

Many of our talented students from Years 5- 12 received their certificates during assembly.

Year 5 - Harper Perry, Edith Jamieson, Jack Mannix

Year 6 - Ella Sibson, Avia Scarlett, Michael Christofi

Year 7 - Bonnie McBride, Indi Keady, Abby McEwen, Georgia Perry, Ariana Ward, Madison King, Charlee Pedersen, Callum Chambers, Ambrose de Gooyer

Year 8 - Hamish Dakers-Hock, Aisha Glass, Jude Fisher

Year 9 - Aidan Kelly, Archer Cameron, Milla Walker, Ronan Chamoun, Keely Filsell, Anna Dixon, Ayishika Perera, Giacinta Lyle, Mia Thompson, Kordelia Kossena

Year 10 - Aoife O'Connell, Tilly Stecher, Felix Fothergill, Shae Foster, Eve Oakley, Meyanna Christensen, Finn McLean

Year 11 - Lara Smyth, Nissa Campbell Walker, MacKenzie Cameron, Cecily de Gooyer

Year 12 - Dominic Chamoun, Isabel Goss, X Kesterton, Jemima Aitken, Dean Lyle


Little Shop of Horrors!

Rehearsals have started in earnest for the cast of Little Shop of Horrors! The Black Box Theatre in the Performing Arts Wing houses rehearsals which happen three times a week.

The enthusiasm and sense of fun each student has thrown into this musical so far has been astonishing!

Tickets will be on sale soon, but keep these dates free:

Friday 3 May

Saturday 4 May

Sunday 5 May

It is going to be an amazing show!

Prop and Costume Call Out for School Production

Rehearsals are underway, props are being designed and costuming is being stitched! Little Shop of Horrors is going to be a hoot!

At Newhaven, we like to reuse, recycle repurpose as much as we can... so... if anyone in our community can assist with any of the following props and/or costumes that would be brilliant!

Here’s the list of things we’d like to be beg, borrow and steal for our school production:

To keep

Fake flowers (in any condition is fine as we’ll be painting them)

Old (over 20 years old) newspapers

Old galvanised rubbish bins with lids

Old grey wraps or scarves

Old wooden stools

Old timber tea trolley on wheels

To borrow (we will take good care of them!)

Black leather bikers jacket x 2 (1 x M & 1 x L / XL)

Old fashioned wooden brooms

Dentist jacket (Size M)

If you can help please contact Steph Thornborrow on 5956 7505 or steph.thornborrow@newhavencol.vic.edu.au

Steph Thornborrow

Marketing and Communications

Art Club is Back!

Art Club is on for 2024 for students from Years 5-12.

Beginning Monday 4 March and running every Monday after school from 3:40-4:40 in SW1.

Come along and learn some new artistic skills and explore different mediums and processes.

VCE Art, Design and Media students this is a great time to work on your SAT’s after school.

No need to sign up just come along on the day!

Melanie Flower


District Swimming

The District Swimmers have done us proud! Not only were they good sports, filled places in relays for other schools but they swam their best bringing home lots of ribbons.

Our students ran supreme with the relays and with so many 'Firsts', in individual events and relays, we can't even count them!

What a group of champs!

Divisional Swimming 

On Friday at the Divisional Swimming Carnival in Korumburra we had some outstanding performances. Our school was strongly represented, with swimmers in most races. Students’ enthusiasm and support of one another throughout the day was exceptional and a credit to them.

The following students will go on to represent our school at the Regional Finals in Sale on the 14 March.

  • Ruby Pirouet – 50 m Freestyle
  • Cooper Bennet – 50m Butterfly
  • Archie Smyth – 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke
  • Oisin Flynn – 50m Breaststroke
  • 10yr Boys Freestyle Relay Team – Austin Lynch, Reeve Dennis, Cooper Bennet and Leith Cameron
  • 12/13yr Boys Freestyle Relay Team – Archie Smyth, Oisin Flynn, Aiden Smith and Will Patton
  • Boys Medley Relay Team - Archie Smyth, Oisin Flynn, Aiden Smith and Darby Smyth

Archie Smyth broke two Divisional Records on the day. Raising the bar for future swimmers in both of his individual events; 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke.

A brilliant display from a highly talented and very humble young athlete.

Matt Jackson

Physical Education Teacher

Sophia and her exceptional volunteering!

Sophia Hungerford (Year 11 Clarke) completed 8 years of Nippers, SRC and Bronze Medallion with Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club, before spending the summer Sophia volunteering in a number of areas across the club.

Firstly, she helped to coordinate, train and supervise the Junior Age Managers (JAMs) for Nippers. The JAMs have a significant role in running Nippers, leading all the activities and teaching the program. Sophia helped to run a full day training session with the JAMs, focusing on how to communicate effectively with young children. Sophia then supported and guided the JAMs throughout the week long Nippers program.

Sophia reflects: "Witnessing the JAMs growth and connection with the kids over the seven days was incredibly rewarding. It was fulfilling to see the results of my hard work and months of planning come together.”

Sophia also volunteered her time to assist as a trainer at both the Woolamai Beach Bronze Camp (for members aged 15-18) and also their SRC camp (members aged 13+), which involved teaching lifesaving skills both in and out of the water.

Throughout the rest of the season, Sophia has served as a Junior Patrol Captain, often stepping into the Vice PC role when more senior members have been unavailable. Sophia also helped with water safety at the recent Channel Challenge and will be assisting with first aid at the up coming Cowes Classic. Last year she completed 115 hours volunteering in lifesaving and this year she intends to smash that number!

Recently Sophia was recognised by the club and received a Rising Leader Award within Bass Coast.

“Overall, this summer presented various challenges as I navigated through new aspects of being a leader at the club. However, it has also been incredibly rewarding to give back to the community and the club after my 12 years of involvement in Nippers, SRC, and Bronze” Sophia says.

Gracie Showmanship Sizzler!

Gracie Newman (Year 12 Bass) recently participated in ALL 4 One Summer Sizzler. She competed in 5 different classes winning 4 out of 5 of the competitions. The classes were Showmanship, Hunter under Saddle, Western trail and Horsemanship.

Within Showmanship, she received the highest score of the show beating all open riders.

She has state championships next week and Nationals at the end of April. We wish you all the best for the exciting time ahead.

Go Gracie!

Community Links

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity encompasses the variety of cultures, beliefs, and traditions present globally, contributing to a rich tapestry of human experiences and perspectives. By valuing every child's cultural background, we enable them to excel in all facets of life. Nurturing an environment of curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for all cultures, will to only promote unity but a deeper appreciation of the nuances that distinguish us.

Inclusion is about more than just words; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for every child, regardless of their cultural background. When children and adolescents feel seen and valued for who they are, they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Valuing and understanding cultural diversity, helps our communities benefit from a wealth of perspectives and experiences, enhancing our collective capacity for empathy and innovation.

As parents and adult carers, instilling an appreciation for cultural diversity is vital to equip young people with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. Through leading by example and showing that kindness and understanding knows no boundaries, we can encourage them to embrace multiculturalism. This will not only prepare young people for personal success, but also for contributing to a world that views diversity as a strength. Through collective efforts, we can help pave the way for a more accepting and vibrant future.

In this edition of SchoolTV, learn how best to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity with your children. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school wellbeing team for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your Edition

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