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Our Equestrian Program

Newhaven College provides Year 4-12 Equestrian students the opportunity to train with their own horses and experience the excitement of representing the College during events.  


Team Training

Team training days are held with our Head of Equestrian throughout the year usually on weekends. The training days are vital to our riders providing them with the professional tuition they require to improve their horsemanship skills with a focus on dressage and show jumping. There is a strong focus on the overall development of the team, students are encouraged to support and motivate other team members.

Inter-School competitions 

Newhaven College encourages students to compete at inter school events throughout the region and the College hosts the annual Newhaven College Inter school Show Jumping Championships.

Leadership Opportunities

Our senior riders provide guidance and leadership to the younger members of the team.  Every year an Equestrian Captain is selected as part of the Year 12 College Cabinet.